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Special Events

25 September 2014, 9.15-13.00

GHIL Session at the Göttingen Historikertag: Making Winners? Transforming Individuals through Education in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts

Venue: Historikertag, University of Göttingen

The session at the Historikertag explores ideas and methods relating to the transformation of individuals through education. It analyses conflicting conceptions of such transformative processes in colonial and postcolonial contexts through specific examples and will investigate various technologies of crafting subjectivity in a wide range of geographical locations, targeting children and adults, men and women. Participants come from the GHIL, the TRG and other British institutions.

For more details see the Historikertag website.

27-28 September 2014

The Meaning of 1914: A Free Conference

St. Antony’s College, Oxford
The New York Review of Books Foundation

Venue: Nissan Lecture Theatre, St. Antony’s College, Oxford

A Conference to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War; with Vernon Bogdanor, Christopher Clark, Elitza Dulguerova, Max Egremont, Christa Ehrmann-Hämmerle, Robert Evans, Robert Gerwarth, Simon Head, Michael Howard, Jörn Leonhard, Neil MacGregor, Margaret MacMillan, Avner Offer, Peter Pulzer, Iris Rachamimov, Adam Ridley, Eugene Rogan, Hew Strachan, and Marc Trachtenberg.

Co-sponsored by The Bill Graham Center for Contemporary International History, Toronto; Europeaum, Oxford; The German Historical Institute London; Maison Française d’Oxford; Mission Centenaire 14-18; Remarque Institiute, New York University; Zeit Siftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius.

For more details see the The New York Review of Books website.

18 September to 24 October 2014

Germans in Britain

A new exhibition by the Migration Museum Project

‘There’s more to Anglo-German relations than war and football’ (Joanna Lumley)

To mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the first world war, The Migration Museum Project has created a new exhibition that explores the rich and fascinating history of German migrants to Britain.

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1 November 2014 to 30 January 2015

Remembering East Germany’s Peaceful Revolution.
Twenty-Five Years Later

The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, and is based on Molly Andrews` longitudinal research project (1992-2012) “The Unbuilidng of East Germany: Excavating Biography and History”. In the project, political psychologist Molly Andrews with the assistance of Birgit Schmitt interviewed in 1992 and again in 2012 fifteen people who played a prominent role in the changes of 1989. The exhibition combines reflections from these artists, actors, religious leaders, scientists, and politicians with archival materials from the Robert Havemann Gesellschaft, the leading archive of East Germany’s dissident movement, shedding light on the experience of living through revolutionary change.

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