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PhD-Mailing List

The PhD-Mailing List is open to all PhD-students in Great Britain and Ireland who work on German history and in particular to all participants of the GHIL's annual PhD-conference. All contributions and queries relating to your research projects are welcome and will be forwarded to the members of the list.

The goals of the PhD-Mailing List are to enable PhD-Students to easily communicate their research interests, to discuss approaches, methods and tools of analysis and to share information relating to their research projects. The GHIL also regularly informs the members of the list about lectures and seminars, scholarships and other funding possibilities, the annual prize of the German Historical Institute London, recent acquisitions of the GHIL's library, the BULLETIN and other publications of the GHIL. Subscribers of the mailing-list can also communicate with the fellows of the GHIL through email to the list.

If you wish to subscribe please send your full name and address, the title of your PhD-project, your affiliation and the name of your supervisor to: moesslang(ghi)