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Anti-Authoritarians; Berlin 1968 / 2018

An Exhibition of Photographs by Colin Robins

In memory of Michael John Underwood 1948-2015

10 May to 23 September 2018

Anti-Authoritarians - Exhibition Poster
Anti-Authoritarians - Exhibition Poster 2

This is a photographic project documenting people that had been either directly involved in, or came in the wake of, the 1960s anti-authoritarian movement as it developed in Berlin.

The photographs include people who were either students at the time or who had held sympathies with the aims of the student revolt. It features ex-members of the main student union, the SDS and others who were linked to the German Social Democratic Party (SDP). Also featured are activists who were influenced by Maoist, anarchist and other radical political thought current at the time as well as individuals from cultural and counter-cultural perspectives (such as Kommune1 and K1 Ost). Other participants include former dissidents from the DDR and others who were then in exile from repressive regimes outside of Germany (for example Greece or Iran).

This project has been made in collaboration with the German Historical Institute in London as well as the Free University in Berlin. Colin Robins is a documentary photographer and an associate lecturer in Photography at Plymouth University.

Anti-Authoritarians is programmed to be exhibited in London, Berlin and Helsinki throughout 2018. It will be shown at the German Historical Institute London from 10 May to 23 September 2018.

Mo, Tue, Wed, Fri: 10am – 5pm
Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays
Free Admission

Printable posters  (PDF file)

Exhibition Launch

The exhibition will be opened on the evening of 9 May 2018. An opening talk will be given by Katharina Karcher (Bristol) on “An anti-authoritarian threat to national security? Rudi Dutschke’s exile in the UK”.

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