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Archive of the Anglo-German Foundation

Dates: 1973 – 2011

The collection consists of the publications and working papers of the Anglo-German Foundation (Deutsch-Britische Stiftung). The largest part are the over 500 publications that were produced from research funded by the Foundation. Administrative documents from some of those projects also exist, particularly for those carried out between 2000 and 2009. The series of papers for committee and board meetings is comprehensive while correspondence files are incomplete but still provide a good idea of the workings and bilateral relationships of the Foundation. In addition to research publications, the collection also includes material published about the Foundation itself, such as annual reports and leaflets, and programmes of the Königswinter Conference which was partly funded by the Foundation. Finally there are folders of press cuttings, photographs and other memorabilia.

Archive catalogue (PDF file)

Archive of Francis L Carsten

Dates: 1919 – 1993

Papers of Francis L Carsten (1911-1998), comprising the following:

  • Drafts, complete versions and proofs of F L Carsten’s books
  • Drafts, proofs, offprints and cuttings of articles and reviews by F L Carsten for a wide variety of academic and other journals and newspapers
  • Articles written both by F L Carsten and others as part of his employment by the Political Warfare Executive and/or related Foreign Office services during the Second World War
  • Material relating to other publications by F L Carsten, such as his doctoral thesis, contributions to an encyclopaedia and a dictionary and chapters for books and a Festschrift
  • Teaching notes for university courses, transcripts of lectures delivered on BBC Radio and material related to conferences at which Carsten gave papers, and a large quantity of notes made in the course of research for Carsten’s writing and teaching
  • Correspondence, reports and other documents detailing the foundation of the German Historical Institute London and the involvement in this process of the Britisch-Deutscher Historikerkreis, of which Carsten was a member

Archive catalogue (PDF file)