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New Approaches to Political History: Writing British and German Contemporary History

7–12 September 2009

Venue: German Historical Institute London
Organisers: Kerstin Brückweh (GHIL), Martina Steber (GHIL)

Historians in Britain and Germany have, for some time independently of each other, been thinking about how to write a “new” political history. They start from an open, constructivist and dynamic concept of politics, thereby releasing “the political” from a perspective focussed solely on (nation) states, parties and interest groups. On the one hand established themes such as power or rule are re-examined, on the other attention is drawn to fields that are new to political history (e.g. emotions). These new departures have various labels such as “Cultural History of Politics” and so far there has been little exchange between British and German historians. The GHIL Summer School seeks to get such an exchange going, and to concentrate the dialogue on German and British history since 1945.

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