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Ruptures and Linkages: Biography and History in the South

16-18 February 2012

International Conference held at the German Historical Institute London in cooperation with the Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Conveners: Heike Liebau (ZMO), Achim von Oppen (Universität Bayreuth), Silke Strickrodt (GHIL)

This conference focuses on the complicated relationship between individual biographies and their social, political and economic contexts. It wants to take a  fresh approach to non-European biographical research in several ways. Firstly, it encourages a comparative perspective by considering biographies of individuals in or from Africa, the Middle East and South Asia and also by examining the connectedness of lives in these three regions and in the north. Secondly, the comparative perspective necessitates a closer examination of the special importance of biographical approaches for the study of the history of the ‘Global South’. Thirdly, the purpose of this conference is not only to gain empirical insights but also to reflect on the state of biographical research on Africa, Asia and the Middle East. We hope to achieve this by intensive exchange with researchers from the respective regions.

Conference programme (PDF file)

Conference report (PDF file), published in: GHIL Bulletin 34 (2012), Vol 2