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Conferences and Workshops 2007

16-17 February

From the Blanketeers to the Present: Understanding Protests of the Unemployed

(Dr Matthias Reiß)
Conference programme (PDF file)

22-23 March

Germany 1930-1990: Structures, Lived Experiences and Historical Representations

(Prof Mary Fulbrook, UCL) in cooperation with GHIL (Prof Andreas Gestrich).
To be held at the GHIL and at UCL (film session)
Conference programme (PDF file)

25-27 April

Anglo-German Mythologies in Literature, Visual Arts and Cultural Theory

(Prof Rüdiger Görner and Dr Angus Nicholls, Queen Mary / Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations) in cooperation with GHIL (Prof Andreas Gestrich).
To be held at QMUL / British Museum / GHIL
Conference programme (PDF file)

21-22 June

Partisan and Anti-Partisan Warfare in German Occupied Europe 1939-45

(Dr Ben Shepherd, Glasgow Caledonian University, Dr Juliette Pattinson, University of Strathclyde) in association with the German Historical Institute, London (Prof Andreas Gestrich).
To be held at Glasgow Caledonian University

12-14 July

Local, Regional, and Global Constructions of Christianity: Religious Communication Networks, 1680-1830

(GHIL and German Historical Institute Washington) (Prof Dr Andreas Gestrich / PD Dr Gisela Mettele, GHIW / Alexander Pyrges, M.A., Trier)
Conference programme (PDF file)

14-15 September

National Traditions or International Trends? Reconsidering the Fifties and Sixties as an Orientation Period in West Germany

(Dr Friedrich Kießling, Erlangen University / Dr Bernhard Rieger, University College London) in cooperation with the GHIL (Dr Kerstin Brückweh) to be held at UCL.
Conference programme (PDF file)

19 October

Sixth Workshop on Early Modern German History

(Dr Michael Schaich)
Workshop programme (PDF file)

20 October

German History Society Annual Meeting and Conference

Conference programme (PDF file)

23-25 November

Familienmodelle im Mittelalter = Family Models in the Middle Ages

Brackweder Arbeitskreis für Mittelalterforschung: Jahrestagung / Annual Meeting 2007 (Karsten Plöger, Benjamin Scheller, Berlin)

Conference Programme (PDF file)

6-8 December

Cosmopolitan Networks in Commerce and Society

(PD Dr Margrit Schulte-Beerbühl, Düsseldorf / Prof Dr Andreas Gestrich)

Conference programme (PDF file)

Conference proceedings:
Bulletin Supplement No. 2 (2011): Cosmopolitan Networks in Commerce and Society 1660-1914.
Edited by Andreas Gestrich and Margrit Schulte-Beerbühl
Download (PDF file)

14-15 December

Monarchy and Exile

(Torsten Riotte / Philip Mansel)
Conference programme (PDF file)