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Conferences and Workshops 2015

5-7 February

Dreams of Germany – Music and (Trans)national Imaginaries in the Modern Era

Keynote Speakers: Celia Applegate (Vanderbilt); Berthold Hoeckner (Chicago)

Convenors: Andreas Gestrich (GHIL); Neil Gregor (Southampton); Tom Irvine (Southampton)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

24-25 March

Ignorance and Non-knowledge in Early Modern Expansion

Convenor: Susanne Friedrich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)

16-18 April

Friedrich Max Müller and the Role of Philology in Victorian Thought

Collaborating institutions: Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations, Queen Mary University of London; English Goethe Society; German Historical Institute, London

Convenors: John R. Davis (Kingston University); Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary University of London)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

8 May

Twelfth Workshop on Early Modern German History

Organised by the German Historical Institute London in co-operation with the German Historical Institute Washington and the German History Society

Conveners: Bridget Heal (University of St Andrews), David Lederer (NUI Maynooth), Angela Schattner (GHIL), Jenny Spinks (University of Manchester)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

16 July

Languages of the Global: Women and International Political Thought

Organized in co-operation with Birkbeck and SOAS and co-funded by the CHASE Consortium of the Humanities and the Arts in South East England

Venue: German Historical Institute London

20-24 July

13th Summer School in British History: Natural History, Politics and Religion in the Victorian Age

Conveners/Organisers: Historisches Seminar der Ludwig-Maxiliams-Universität München; German Historical Institute London

Venue: German Historical Institute London

17-18 September

Interdisciplinary Inroads into the Social History of Post-War Europe

In cooperation with University College London and Queen Mary University London

Convenors: Christina von Hodenberg (QMUL) – Bernhard Rieger (UCL) – Felix Römer (GHIL)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

1-3 October

Nostalgia — Historicizing the Longing for the Past

Conveners: Tobias Becker (GHIL)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

15-17 October

Medieval History Seminar

Conveners: Paul Freedman (Yale), Ruth Mazo Karras (University of Minnesota), Stuart Airlie (University of Glasgow), Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University of London), Bernhard Jussen (Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main) and Frank Rexroth (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen).

Venue: German Historical Institute Washington, 1607 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington DC 20009 - U.S.A.

22-24 October

The Global Public: Its Power and its Limits

Conveners: Valeska Huber (GHIL) and Jürgen Osterhammel (Leibnizpreis-Forschungsstelle Globale Prozesse, Universität Konstanz)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

19-20 November

Emotional Journeys Itinerant Theatres, Audiences, and Adaptation in the Long 19th Century

Conveners/Organisers: Max Planck Institute for Human Development; German Historical Institute London

Venue: German Historical Institute London

25-28 November

Fifth TRG Poverty and Education in India Workshop: PhD and Postdoctoral Presentations

Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi

Workshop programme   (PDF file)