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Conferences and Workshops 2018

26-27 January

Heritage, Decolonisation and the Field

Venue: William Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London, WC1N 2AB

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, German Historical Institute London/Max Weber Stiftung and the UCL Institute of Archaeology

14-16 February

In Global Transit. Jewish Migrants from Hitler’s Europe in Asia, Africa, and Beyond

Conveners: Andreas Gestrich (GHI London), Simone Lässig (GHI Washington), Anne Schenderlein (GHI Washington), and Indra Sengupta (GHI London)

Venue: Kolkata, India

14-16 March

Populism and the shifting coordinates of the political

Second ICAS: MP conference, IIC Delhi

Conference programme (PDF file)

17 March

Selling History: Tourist Guides, Bazaar Histories, and the Politics of the Past

ICAS:MP TM1 Workshop

Venue: India International Center, New Delhi

Conveners: Neeladri Bhattacharya (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Indra Sengupta (GHI London)

Workshop programme (PDF file)

22-24 March

Settlement and Unsettlement: The Ends of World War I and their Legacies

2018 Annual Conference of the Max Weber Foundation

Venue: German Historical Institute Washington

Conveners: Max Weber Foundation, German Historical Institute (GHI) Washington DC, American Historical Association (AHA) with the National History Center (NCH), German Historical Association (Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands, VHD) 

23-24 March

European Democracies: Origins, Evolutions, Challenges – A Workshop in Memory of Peter Blickle

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Convened by Beat Kümin, Department of History, University of Warwick

19-20 April

Understanding Brexit. Britain and Europe in the Twentieth Century

Venue: Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich

Conveners: Andreas Wirsching, Martina Steber (both IfZ), Andreas Gestrich and Michael Schaich (both GHI London)

26-28 April

Contested Borders? Practising Empire, Nation and Region in the 19th and 20th Centuries

International Conference

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Conveners: Levke Harders (Universität Bielefeld) and Falko Schnicke (GHI London)

4-5 May

Splendid Isolation? Insularity in British History

Arbeitskreis Großbritannien-Forschung / German Association for British Studies in cooperation with the German Historical Institute London

Venue: Centre for British Studies (Großbritannienzentrum) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Conveners: Convenors: Wencke Meteling (Philipps-Universität Marburg), Andrea Wiegeshoff (Philipps-Universität Marburg), Christiane Eisenberg (HU Berlin) and Hannes Ziegler (GHI London)

11 May

Fourteenth Workshop on Early Modern German History

Organised by the German Historical Institute London in co-operation with the German Historical Institute Washington and the German History Society.

Conveners: Bridget Heal (University of St Andrews), Katherine Hill (Birkbeck, University of London), David Lederer (NUI Maynooth), Alison Rowlands (University of Essex) and Hannes Ziegler (GHI London)

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Workshop programme (PDF file)

1 June

The Measurement of Economic Inequality

Venue: German Historical Institute London

GHI London in cooperation with the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge

Workshop programme (PDF file)

14-16 June

German Protestant Expatriate Congregations in the 20th Century. Between National Protestantism and Ecumenism

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Organised by the “Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte“ (Evangelical Working Group on Contemporary Church History) and the German Historical Institute London.

19-21 July

Movable Goods and Immovable Property. Gender, Law and Material Culture in Early Modern Europe (1450‒1850)

9th Conference of the European network “Gender Differences in the History of European Legal Cultures”

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Conveners: Annette Cremer (Gießen), Hannes Ziegler (London)

3-5 September

Anglo-German Doctoral Seminar in Early Modern Religious History

The Verein für Reformationsgeschichte (Society for Reformation History) and the German Historical Institute London (GHIL) are pleased to announce the first Anglo-German Doctoral Seminar in Early Modern Religious History.

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Organizers: Bridget Heal (St Andrews), Thomas Kaufmann (Göttingen), Matthias Pohlig (Münster), and Michael Schaich (GHIL). With participation from Anselm Schubert (Erlangen), Alexandra Walsham (Cambridge), Jonathan Willis (Birmingham), and Markus Wriedt (Frankfurt).

18-20 October

Living the German Revolution: Expectations, Experiences, Responses

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Conveners: Christopher Dillon (King’s College London), Christina von Hodenberg (GHIL), Steven Schouten (University of Amsterdam), Kim Wünschmann (LMU München)

12-14 November

Interrogating Marginality: Education and the Urban

India Centre: Transnational Research Group: Education and the Urban

Venue: National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore

Concept note (PDF file)
Workshop programme (PDF file)

15-17 November

The Global Knowledge of Economic Inequality

German Historical Institute London

Convened by Dr Felix Römer, GHIL

14 December

Scribal News and News Cultures in Late Stuart and Early Georgian Britain


  • History of Parliament Trust, 18 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NS (morning)
  • German Historical Institute London, 17 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NJ (afternoon)

Coorganized by Robin Eagles (History of Parliament Trust), Charles Littleton (History of Parliament Trust) and Michael Schaich (German Historical Institue London)