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British Envoys to Germany. Volume III: 1848-1850


Acknowledgements vii
Introduction 1
Editorial principles and technical details 15
Diet of the German Confederation (Frankfurt) 19
Prussia (Berlin) 105
Hanse Towns (Hamburg) 185
Hanover 227
Saxony (Dresden) 267
Württemberg (Stuttgart) 309
Bavaria (Munich) 355
Austria (Vienna) 399
Annotated index of names 457
Subject index 503

Volume III: 1848-1850

The diplomatic correspondence of the years 1848 to 1850 vividly illustrates the importance of the 1848 revolution and its aftermath as an epoch-making event in German and European history. It reveals the attitudes and perceptions of British observers in a period of great diplomatic activity and vigilance. The developments and changing political situation between the outbreak of the revolution and the start of the Dresden Conference in late 1850 are reflected by the official British observers at the level both of the individual member states of the Confederation and of Germany as a whole.

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Markus Mösslang, Torsten Riotte and Hagen Schulze (eds.),
British Envoys to Germany, 1816-1866. Volume III: 1848-1850.
Camden Fifth Series, 28.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press for the Royal Historical Society in association with the German Historical Institute London. 2006.