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Dynastic Politics, Monarchical Representation and the Union between Hanover and Britain

11-13 October 2012

Joint Conference of the German Historical Institute London and the Historische Kommission für Niedersachsen and Bremen

Venue: German Historical Institute London

2014 marks the tercentenary of the succession of the Hanoverian dynasty on the British throne in 1714 and the start of the personal union between England and Hanover which created a link between both countries that lasted for more than a hundred years. In order to commemorate this event the Historische Kommission für Niedersachsen and Bremen and the German Historical Institute London are jointly organizing two international conferences in 2012 which take place in Osnabrück and London respectively. Taken together the two conferences are to provide a comprehensive analysis of the history of the personal union within its European, British and German contexts.

Conference programme (PDF file)

Conference report (PDF file), published in: GHIL Bulletin 35 (2013), Vol 1

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