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The War of the Spanish Succession. New Perspectives

22-24 March 2012

International Conference held at the German Historical Institute London in cooperation with the University of Münster

Venue: German Historical Institute London
Conveners: Matthias Pohlig (University of Münster), Michael Schaich (GHIL)

The conference concentrates on the major international conflict of the epoch around 1700, the War of the Spanish Succession, which in recent years has been rather neglected by historians. This is surprising given that the War of the Spanish Succession can be seen as a European as well as a colonial war, as a crucial event in economic history, as a new confessional war, and as a milestone in the development of the public sphere, the use of symbolic languages of power and the whole realm of information gathering and intelligence. It is therefore the aim of the conference to revive interest in the War and to re-interpret it not from the viewpoint of a ‘conventional’ military history, but to open up new areas of research. Accordingly the conference will be structured around three thematic areas:

I. Diplomacy, Infrastructure and the Logistics of the War
II. War, Information and the Public Sphere
III. The Colonial Dimension of the War

Conference programme (PDF file)

Conference report (PDF file), published in: GHIL Bulletin 34 (2012), Vol 2