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Public Lectures 2010

28 January

Imperialism and Globalization. Entanglements and Interactions between the British and German Colonial Empires in Africa before the First World War

GHIL in co-operation with the Seminar in Modern German History, Institute of Historical Research, University of London.

Ulrike Lindner’s research concentrates on the history of health in the welfare state in Germany and Britain, and on the history of German colonialism. Her main publications include Gesundheitspolitik in der Nachkriegszeit: Großbritannien und die Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Vergleich (2004); and ed. with Merith Niehuss, Ärztinnen—Patientinnen: Frauen im deutschen und britischen Gesundheitswesen des 20. Jahrhunderts (2002).
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26 October

From History to Histories? Interpreting Autobiographical Texts of the Nineteenth Century. In cooperation with Oxford University

GHIL in co-operation with the Research Seminar on Modern European Social and Cultural History of the University of Oxford.

Historiography is changing. The ‘unity of history’ and the ‘master narrative’ are under pressure from various fronts. Historians are looking not only for new sources and new perspectives, but also for new ways of thinking, analysing, and writing history. In this context, the research group ‘Self-narratives in Transcultural Perspective’ (Berlin) interprets autobiographies as self-narratives and evaluates them in the light of new questions and new methodologies. The group’s analysis of self-narratives and the people they portray contributes to the contemporary debate on ‘multiple modernities’.

Angelika Schaser is Professor of Modern History at the University of Hamburg and a member of the research group ‘Self-narratives in Transcultural Perspective’ (Berlin). She has published widely on minorities, the German women’s movement, and historiography and biography in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Recent publications include Helene Lange und Gertrud Bäumer: Eine politische Lebensgemeinschaft (rev. and updated edn. 2010); Liberalismus und Emanzipation: In- und Exklusionsprozesse im Kaiserreich und in der Weimarer Republik (co-ed., 2010); and Gendering Historiography: Beyond National Canons (co-ed., 2009).

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9 December


This lecture has been moved to 10 March 2011