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Special Events

Panel Discussion – Luther’s Legacy: The Thirty Years War and the Modern Notion of State in the Empire, 1530s to 1790s

21st March 2017, 5.30pm

Panel Discussion with Robert von Friedeburg, Mark Greengrass, Jo Whaley and Peter Wilson.
The discussion will be moderated by Hamish Scott.

Venue: German Historical Institute London

Is there a distinctive German concept of the state? When and under what circumstances did it emerge? What was its intellectual context? The renowned historian Robert von Friedeburg has presented a new interpretation of these much debated questions linking them to late-medieval and, in particular, Lutheran notions of the polity. The panel discussion will consider how this may affect our understanding of Germany in the early-modern period and beyond.

Exhibition – German Historical Institute. 40 year anniversary

7 November 2016 to 31 January 2017

To celebrate the 40 year anniversary an exhibition on the institute’s history is on public display at the GHIL until 31 January 2017. The exhibits and panels focus on the foundation and the first years of the GHIL, the history of 17 Bloomsbury Square, and the activities and research over last four decades. The exhibition was compiled by Helen Whatmore and Tobias Becker, and designed by Shaun Campbell.

German Historical Institute – 40 year anniversary (download as PDF)