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10th Annual Lecture on Contemporary German History

25 November 2013
at the German Historical Institute London

On 25 November, Chargé d’Affaires Dr Rudolf Adam opened and co-hosted the 10th Annual Lecture on Contemporary German History, jointly organised by the German Historical Institute London and the German Embassy, at the German Historical Institute.

For ten years this lecture series has played a special role among the Embassy’s many activities and events to reach out to its British partners and promote a better understanding of contemporary German history.

Professor Andreas Gestrich, the Director of the German Historical Institute, introduced this year’s guest speaker Professor Kenneth Dyson, Professor at Cardiff University and an international expert on European integration, political economy and post-war Germany.

In his welcome address, Dr Adam said that the debate on Europe has lost none of its urgency and relevance. He emphasized that arguments about the European Union should be based on sober analysis and not on prejudices.

In his lecture entitled “Germany, the Euro Crisis, and the Future of Europe”, Professor Dyson presented an analysis of risk management in the EU and the role of Germany. The lecture situated the Euro crisis in its historical context and provided important insights into its political and economic challenges. The lecture was followed by a commentary by Dr Waltraud Schelkle from the London School of Economics and a lively Q&A session. The discussion continued well into the subsequent reception.

Listen to this lecture (MP3 download, 105 min, 44.6 MB)

Kenneth Dyson (Cardiff University)<br />(© German Embassy London)
Waltraud Schelkle (London School of Economics) leading the discussion with Kenneth Dyson and the audience<br />(© German Embassy London)