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  3. 3) European Leo Baeck Lecture Series London, 2013
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1) Library News

Please note that there will be no late openings from 1 August until 29 August. During this time the library will close at 5pm on Thursdays.

2) GHIL Seminars

Seminars are held at 5 p.m. in the Seminar Room of the German Historical Institute. Tea is served from 4.30 p.m. in the Common Room, and wine is available after the seminars.
Guided tours of the Library are available before each seminar at 4 p.m.
11 June
Law, Violence and the Colonial State: India and the Colonial Modern

This lecture explores the systemic violence integral to many of the everyday practices of colonialism, and the languages in which these practices were legitimated within colonial discourse. Through this exploration it reflects on the troubled relationship between law and violence in the making of colonial modernity.
18 June
Politics and Culture in Wilhelmine Germany: Carl Vinnen’s Ein Protest deutscher Künstler (1911) Revisited

Carl Vinnen’s Ein Protest deutscher Künstler is one of Wilhelmine Germany’s best known but arguably least understood acts of cultural protest. It has been described as a ‘notoriously pessimistic, xenophobic attack on modern art’, yet Vinnen had explicitly stated that he wanted ‘no chauvinistic Deutschtümelei’. This seminar will argue that the focus on Vinnen’s nationalism has obscured his true concerns: the commodification of art and the loss of the local in an age of rapid globalization.

3) European Leo Baeck Lecture Series London, 2013

This season’s topic is Jews and Muslims: British Perspectives which takes a look at British viewpoints, be they political, legal or cultural, on Jews and Muslims living in the UK in the 20th and 21st centuries.
20 June (6.30pm)
‘Jews and Muslims in Contemporary Britain: Getting Beyond Mutual Prejudice?’

This event is organised by the Leo Baeck Institute London, the Jewish Museum, Frankfurt am Main and the Fritz Bauer Institut, Frankfurt am Main, in cooperation with the German Historical Institute London.
The lecture will be held at the German Historical Institute London. Admission is free.
More information is available on the GHIL website.

4) Conferences and Workshops

13-15 June
The Power of Musick - Music and Politics in Georgian Britain
Venue: German Historical Institute London
25 June
Forward from the Past: The Kindertransport from a Contemporary Perspective
Venue: German Historical Institute London
This conference is now fully booked.
10-13 October Medieval History Seminar
Venue: German Historical Institute London

5) Summer School

25-29 July
11th Summer School in British History: Magna Carta 1215 – History and Myth
Venue: German Historical Institute London
Conveners/Organisers: German Historical Institute London; Historisches Seminar der Ludwig-Maxiliams-Universität München
More information is available on the GHIL website (in German only).

6) Kolloquium

The research seminar in German language offers an opportunity for the GHIL’s scholarship-holders to present and discuss their research projects. It can also serve as a general forum for British and German PhD-students and post-docs to discuss their work in progress.
18 June (2.30pm)

Tätigkeit und Memoiren polnischer Intellektueller nach dem Zusammenbruch des russischen Zarenreiches: Befunde aus zwei New Yorker Instituten

7) Call for Papers

Eleventh Workshop on Early Modern German History
Closing date: 30 June 2013
Making and Breaking the Rules: Discussion, Implementation and Consequences of Dominican Legislation
Closing date: 21 August 2013

8) Exhibition

26 June to 6 September 2013

Double Exposure – Jewish Refugees from Austria in Britain

More information about this exhibition is available on the GHIL website.

9) Post-Doc Scholarship

Deadline for applications for the "DHI London Post-Doc-Stipendium" for 2013/14 is 30 June 2013.

10) Prize of the German Historical Institute London

Submission deadline for this year's prize: 30 June 2013

More information is available on the GHIL website.

11) GHIL Podcast

Brian Klug: Dealing with Difference: Jews, Muslims and the British Left Today
(European Leo Baeck Lecture Series London, 16 May 2013)
David Fracer: ‘Quite Contrary to the Principles of British Justice’: The Jews of the Channel Islands 1940-1945
(European Leo Baeck Lecture Series London, 7 March 2013)
The audio recordings of these events are now available as downloads on the GHIL website.

12) GHIL Bulletin, May 2013

The May issue of the Bulletin of the German Historical Institute London is now available online.

German Historical Institute London Bulletin  Volume XXXV, No. 1 (May 2013)



  • Close Marriage and the Development of Class Societies (Leonore Davidoff)
  • European Remigrations in the Twentieth Century (Andreas Gestrich and Marita Krauss)

Review Article

  • New Perspectives on an Old Story: The Early Modern Holy Roman Empire Revisited (Stefan Ehrenpreis)

Book Reviews

  • Len Scales, The Shaping of German Identity: Authority and Crisis, 1245-1414 (Jörg Peltzer)
  • David Matthews, Writing to the King: Nation, Kingship, and Literature in England, 1250-1350 (Jörg Rogge)
  • Anuschka Tischer, Offizielle Kriegsbegründungen in der Frühen Neuzeit: Herrscherkommunikation in Europa zwischen Souveränität und korporativem Selbstverständnis (Donald Haks)
  • Julia Angster, Erdbeeren und Piraten: Die Royal Navy und die Ordnung der Welt 1780-1880 (Brendan Simms)
  • Sara Pugach, Africa in Translation: A History of Colonial Linguistics in Germany and Beyond, 1814-1945 (Adam Jones)
  • Lars Peters, Romances of War: Die Erinnerung an die Revolutions- und Napoleonischen Kriege in Großbritannien und Irland (1815-1945) (Jasper Heinzen)
  • Bonnie Effros, Uncovering the Germanic Past: Merovingian Archaeology in France, 1830-1914 (Chris Manias)
  • David Ciarlo, Advertising Empire: Race and Visual Culture in Imperial Germany (Silke Hackenesch)
  • Ulrike Lindner, Koloniale Begegnungen: Deutschland und Großbritannien als Imperialmächte in Afrika 1880-1914 (Felicitas Becker)
  • Harold James, Krupp: A History of the Legendary German Firm (Christof Dejung)
  • Peter Itzen, Streitbare Kirche: Die Church of England vor den Herausforderungen des Wandels 1945-1990 (Keith Robbins)
  • Nick Hodgin, Screening the East: Heimat, Memory and Nostalgia in German Film since 1989 (Margit Szöllösi-Janze)

Conference Reports

  • Dynastic Politics, Monarchical Representation, and the Union between Hanover and Britain (Michael Schaich)
  • Tenth Workshop on Early Modern Central European History (Linnéa Rowlatt)
  • ‘Tales about Time’: Temporality, Modernity, and the Order of Time (Steffen Henne)
  • The Dresden Archive Project: Exhibition by British Artist Alan Turnbull (Angela Schattner)

Library News

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