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ICAS Events


11-12 December
History and Democracy

TM1 Conference, Centre for the Study of Developing Studies (CSDS) Delhi
Convenors: Shail Mayaram, Prathama Banerjee, Ravi Vasudevan (all CSDS)

Conference programme (PDF file)


14-16 March
Populism and the shifting coordinates of the political

Second ICAS:MP conference, India International Centre, New Delhi

Conference programme (PDF file)

17 March
Selling History: Tourist Guides, Bazaar Histories, and the Politics of the Past

ICAS:MP TM1 Workshop
Venue: India International Center, New Delhi
Conveners: Neeladri Bhattacharya (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Indra Sengupta (GHI London)

Workshop programme (PDF file)