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Dr Sunandan K.N.

<i>Labour is Wealth</i> - Handbook for Teachers, 2000<br />(Photo courtesy of Sunandan K.N.)

Sunandan K.N. joined the TRG project in January 2013 as postdoctoral fellow. He received his PhD in history from Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He studied the history of caste and education in colonial India with special focus on the transformations of the practices of knowledge production. As part of his MPhil research, Sunandan studied the entanglements of caste and religion with the discourses of material production in colonial India. After completing his PhD, he worked at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences as Assistant Professor, before joining the TRG project. His research interests include the history of knowledge production, caste and education and Science, Technology and Society (STS) studies.

Email: knsunandan(ghi)

Research Interests

History of knowledge production in the colonial post-colonial period, history of caste and education in India, Science and Technology Studies 

Academic Background

1987-1991 B Tech in Production Engineering, Calicut University, India
1999-2001 MA in Sociology, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India
2006-2008 MA, Department of History, Emory University, Atlanta, USA
Examination Fields: South Asian History, History of Caste and Gender in South Asia, History of Science, Comparative History of Knowledge Practices in Japan, Africa and South Asia
2003-2005 M Phil, Science Policy Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Thesis: “Technology Caste and Colonial Difference: Narratives of Material Production in Thiruvithamkoor, 1850 – 1930”
2006-2012 PhD, Department of History, Emory University, Atlanta (August 2012)
Thesis: “Ways of Knowing: Asaris, Nampoothiris and Colonialists in Twentieth Century Malabar, India”

Scholarships and Prizes

2006-2011 Emory Graduate School Research Fellowship
2007 and 2008 Emory Institute for Comparative and International Studies best student awards
2007 Emory ICIS Dissertation Research Fellowship (2007)
2006 SARAI, C. S. D. S., New Delhi, Independent Research Fellowship

Current Research

Critical Mind and Labouring Body: Caste and Education Reforms in Kerala