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German Historical Institute London Bulletin
Vol 37 (2015), No. 1


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Special Theme: The Sounds of the First World War


Introduction (Felix Römer)|3

War Noises on the Battlefield: On Fighting Underground and Learning to Listen in the Great War (Julia Encke)|7

Reflections of War Sounds in German Concert Halls (Stefan Hanheide)|22

War, Impression, Sound, and Memory: British Music and the First World War (Jeremy C. Dibble)|43


Review Article

‘When Saturday Comes’: New Books on German and International Sports History (Kay Schiller)|57


Book Reviews


Chartularium Sangallense, i: 700–840, ed. Peter Erhart with Karl Heidecker and Bernhard Zeller (Jinty Nelson)|73

Tom Scott, The Early Reformation in Germany: Between Secular Impact and Radical Vision (Gabriele Haug-Moritz)|78

David Scott Gehring, Anglo-German Relations and the Protestant Cause: Elizabethan Foreign Policy and Pan-Protestantism  ;
David Worthington, British and Irish Experiences and Impres sions of Central Europe, c.1560–1688 (Alexander Schunka)|81

Anorthe Kremers and Elisabeth Reich (eds.), Loyal Subversion? Caricatures from the Personal Union between England and Hanover (1714–1837) (Torsten Riotte)|87

Uwe Ziegler and Horst Carl (eds.), ‘In unserer Liebe nicht glücklich’: Kultureller Austausch zwischen Großbritannien und Deutschland 1770–1840 (John R. Davis)|91

Leighton S. James, Witnessing the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in German Central Europe (Michael Sikora)|96

Sven Oliver Müller, Das Publikum macht die Musik: Musikleben in Berlin, London und Wien im 19. Jahrhundert (Anselm Heinrich)|99

Egbert Klautke, The Mind of the Nation: Völkerpsychologie in Germany, 1851–1955 (Nicolas Berg)|104

Stephan Kurt Westmann, Surgeon with the Kaiser’s Army, ed. Michael Westman (Frank Lorenz Müller)|110

Britta Schilling, Postcolonial Germany: Memories of Empire in a De colonized Nation (Marie Muschalek)|115


Conference Reports


Making Winners? Transforming Individuals through Education in Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts (Alva Bonaker)|119

All At Sea: The Prize Papers as a Source for a Global Microhistory (Margaret R. Hunt)|124

‘Only doing my duty’: Defining Perpetrators in Relation to State-Sanctioned Violence (Gaëlle Fisher)|136

Inside World War One? International Workshop on Ego Documents and the Experience of the First World War (Dorothee Wierling and Richard Bessel)|140

Society, Rule, and their Representation in Medieval Britain (Martin Stier)|146





Library News


Recent Acquisitions|159