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German Historical Institute London Bulletin Supplement

General Editor: Andreas Gestrich

Unlike the Bulletin itself, which contains articles and book reviews mainly on topics of German history, the new supplement series will present the proceedings of conferences representing some of the Institute’s work on British and comparative European or colonial history. However, the series is also open to smaller monographs on these topics and to other forms of house publication. The supplements will appear at irregular intervals.

Bulletin Supplement No. 1 (2009): Memory, History, and Colonialism. Engaging with Pierre Nora in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts
Edited by Indra Sengupta, foreword by Hagen Schulze

Download Supplement No. 1 (PDF file)

Bulletin Supplement No. 2 (2011): Cosmopolitan Networks in Commerce and Society 1660-1914.
Edited by Andreas Gestrich and Margrit Schulte-Beerbühl

Download Supplement No. 2 (PDF file)

Bulletin Supplement No. 3 (2015): Debtors, Creditors, and their Networks. Social Dimensions of Monetary Dependence from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century
Edited by Andreas Gestrich and Martin Stark

Download Supplement No. 3 (PDF file)

To order a free copy, contact the GHI. Email: rezeption(ghi)