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The fellows of the German Historical Institute London pursue a wide range of research topics on British and German History as well as on Anglo-German relations from the Middle Ages to the present day. However, there are some fields of research on which the Institute places particular emphasis and concentrates its activities in arranging conferences and acquiring outside funding for additional research projects. At the same time these topics are also areas of particular expertise of the present staff.

Political History in Social and Cultural Perspective

‘The Vigilant and the Negligent’. British Coastal Administrations in the Eighteenth Century (Hannes Ziegler)

Homesick for Yesterday. A History of the Nostalgia Wave (Tobias Becker)

The Semantics of Social Justice: Britain and West Germany since 1945 (Felix Römer)

State Visits. Staging International Politics in Britain 1900-1970 (Falko Schnicke)

British Envoys to Germany  and  British Envoys to the Kaiserreich   (Markus Mößlang)

Colonial and Global History

Objects without Status between Middle Eastern Excavation Sites and Europe’s Museums (Mirjam Brusius)

Preserving India’s Past: Law, Bureaucracy and Historical Conservation in Colonial India 1904-1925 (Indra Sengupta)

Arms Trade in East Africa. A History of Globalisation, Regulation, and Colonial Rule, 1850-1919 (Felix Brahm)

Gerda Henkel Research Fellowship

Archaeology, Nasser's Egypt and the Making of the Post-1945 World (William Carruthers)

India Research Group

Poverty Reduction and Policy for the Poor between the State and Private Actors: Education Policy in India since the Nineteenth Century (Max Weber Foundation Transnational Research Group - India:  GHIL in cooperation with faculty members from the Centre for Historical Studies and the Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, the Centre for Modern Indian Studies, University of Göttingen and the King’s India Institute, King’s College London)

Solidarity and Care

Pauper Letters and Petitions for Poor Relief in Germany and Great Britain, 1770 – 1914 (Andreas Gestrich and Steven King; Daniela Heinisch)

Further Projects

The Dominicans at Oxford, 1221 to c. 1320 (Cornelia Linde)

Source Editions

British Envoys to Germany  and  British Envoys to the Kaiserreich  (Markus Mößlang)

Pauper Letters and Petitions for Poor Relief in Germany and Great Britain, 1770–1914  (Andreas Gestrich and Steven King; Daniela Heinisch)

Nazis as Troop Commanders. The War Diaries of Theodor Habicht (1898-1944)  (Felix Römer — this link will take you to the Uni Mainz website)

Online-Edition – Wilhem Schimper: Betrachtung der Vegetation während eines Spaziergangs vom Märäb=Thal, über die Ebene Hāmĕdó, die Adoa=Gebirge hinweg nach Urāhut in der Provinz Agāmĕ, auf einem Terrain von 4000 bis 11000 Fuss absoluter Höhe, Theil des Reiches Tigré (Andreas Gestrich and Dorothea McEwan)