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Georg Wilhelm Schimper - in Abyssinia. Observations on Tigre – Online Edition

Betrachtung der Vegetation während eines Spaziergangs vom Märäb=Thal, über die Ebene Hāmĕdó, die Adoa=Gebirge hinweg nach Urāhut in der Provinz Agāmĕ, auf einem Terrain von 4000 bis 11000 Fuss absoluter Höhe, Theil des Reiches Tigré

Andreas Gestrich und Dorothea McEwan

In the context of its research interests in knowledge production in colonial and other contexts, the German Historical Institute has cooperated with Dr Dorothea McEwan in preparing an academic online edition of a manuscript by the important nineteenth-century botanist and traveller Georg Wilhelm Schimper. He spent most of his life in what is now Ethiopia and wrote an extensive report on his observations made in the course of his botanical trips through Tigray in Northern Ethiopia. The two manuscript volumes of his research findings and general ethnographical and other descriptions of the area are kept in the British Library together with detailed maps of the area drawn by him. The manuscripts were rediscovered in 2008 by Dr Dorothea McEwan and are presented here in both the original German version and an English translation. Many of Schimper’s plant specimens are now digitised and accessible online allowing us to link text, maps and digitised specimen of the herbaria in this modern Open-Access electronic edition.

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The edition is a co-operative project by the British Library, the German Historical Institute London, and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.