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The Dominicans at Oxford, 1221 to c. 1320

Cornelia Linde

In 1221, the Dominican Order decided to establish a province in England, and 12 friars made their way to the British Isles. They passed through Canterbury and London, but did not stay there, and instead went straight to Oxford, where they arrived in August 1221 and finally established their first convent in England. This project deals with the history of this Dominican priory, from its foundation to about 1320.

The convent soon became an influential part of English political and, due to its link with the University, intellectual life. I will explore the Dominicans’ institutional involvement with the University as well as their intellectual output. The project will also examine the friars’ political activities, as well as the convent’s ties to the English kings and barons as well as the relationship with the bishops of Lincoln and archbishops of Canterbury.