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History of Polititics and the Political

The history of the political is a subject that has been particularly popular in Germany in recent years. As a theoretical-methodological concept it links many of the projects currently being carried out at the Institute, in a way that includes various different epochs. In comparison to more traditional approaches its key feature is a dynamic understanding of politics. The fundamental assumption is that what is designated as “political” is constantly open to renegotiation. This sort of political history therefore owes a great deal to cultural-historical approaches. In Germany it is called “Kulturgeschichte des Politischen” (cultural history of politics) or “Neue Politikgeschichte” (new political history).

Research Projects

‘The Vigilant and the Negligent’. British Coastal Administrations in the Eighteenth Century (Hannes Ziegler)

Homesick for Yesterday. A History of the Nostalgia Wave (Tobias Becker)

The Semantics of Social Justice: Britain and West Germany since 1945 (Felix Römer)

Staging Britain in a Changing World. Knowledge and Practices of British State Visits, 1910-1980 (Falko Schnicke)

British Envoys to Germany and British Envoys to the Kaiserreich  (Markus Mößlang)


Past and Completed Projects

Making Space for Sporting Bodies. Sociability, Body Politics, Commerce and Lifestyle in Early Modern English Sports Culture (Angela Schattner)

Cultures of Intelligence (Philipp Gassert, Andreas Gestrich, and Sönke Neitzel)

Theatrum Ceremoniale. Monarchy, Parliament and Ritual in England, 1688/89-c. 1800  (Michael Schaich)

‘People Count’: A History of British Self-Observations in Survey Research and Censuses in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries  (Kerstin Brückweh)

„Conservatism lost – Conservatism regained“. Political Languages of Conservatism in the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany in the 1960s and 1970s  (Martina Steber)

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