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Pauper Letters and Petitions for Poor Relief in Germany and Great Britain, 1770 – 1914 (Andreas Gestrich and Steven King)

Conferences organized by project

Writing the Lives of the Poor ( GHIL in cooperation with German University of Leicester), [Venue: GHIL], 28-30 November 2013

10th Summer School in British History “From the New Poor Law to the Crisis of the Welfare State New Trends in Research on Poverty and Social Policy in Britain”,( GHIL in cooperation with Historisches Seminar LMU München), München, 23 .- 27. Juli 2012.

Poverty in Modern Europe. Micro-perspectives on the Formation of the Welfare State in the 19th and 20th Centuries (CRC 600 “Strangers and Poor People”, University of Trier, Projects B4 and B5 in cooperation with the GHIL), 10-12 May 2012