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Previous Seminars 2020

21 January

Ralf Lützelschwab (Berlin)
Where are all the Sermons? Carmelite Preaching in the Late Middle Ages

Ralf Lützelschwab is a former Assistant Professor of Medieval History at the Freie Universität Berlin and specializes in church history of the late Middle Ages, with a strong focus on the Avignonese papacy and monastic history.

This lecture examines the Carmelites, the great unknown in Western monastic history. They experienced their very own migration history, moving from the hills of Mount Carmel to Europe. If they had not opted for exile, they would not have survived. In new surroundings, sermons became part of their regular pastoral routine. The paper will focus on sermons and sermon collections, both manuscript and print, held in a number of Carmelite libraries in Germany and England. How did the Carmelites fulfil their task as preachers? How did they shape the conscience of their flocks?

9 June

Jane Whittle (Exeter) and Laura Schwartz (Warwick)
Women and Work Roundtable

***   Please note that this event has been cancelled!   ***

16 June

Maud Bracke (Glasgow)
Inventing Reproductive Rights: Sex, Population and Feminism in Europe (1945-1980)

***   Please note that this event has been cancelled!   ***

23 June

Chiara Bonfiglioli (Cork)
Internationalist Waves and Feminist Waves in Italy, Yugoslavia, and Cuba

***   Please note that this event has been cancelled!   ***

28 July

Imaobong Umoren (LSE)
Race Women Internationalists: Black Women, Feminism and Freedom Struggles

***   Please note that this event has been cancelled!   ***