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Special Events 2007

Tapping Hitler’s Generals, Transcripts of Secret Conversations 1942-45

19 November (6pm)

Evening colloquium at Middlesex University on the occasion of the presentation of Sönke Neitzel’s book.

Between 1942 and 1945 the British Intelligence Service undertook an extraordinary surveillance operation. In the sedate surroundings of Trent Park, a large mansion with extensive grounds in North London, they used state of the art bugging equipment to listen in on the private conversations of captured high-ranking German officers. Unlike the countless post-war interrogations, these where informal conversations in which the officers spoke freely to one another and touched upon the most sensitive issues. The transcripts of these conversations, now published in English by Sönke Neitzel, reveal the officers’ views on the progress of the war, and the direction of German politics and strategy. The officers discussed the July Plot of 1944, the failed attempt to assassinate Hitler, collaboration with the enemy, and their experience of German war crimes.

To be held at:

The Saloon
Mansion Building
Middlesex University
Trent Park Campus
Bramley Road
London, N14 4YZ

For further information:

Download programme (PDF)
Janice Roscelli, Tel: 0208 411 6777, email

Re-Presenting the Cold War
Talk and Afternoon Tea

3 November (3pm)

Special event at The Wapping Project in collaboration with the German Historical Institute London on the occasion of Angus Boulton's film and photography exhibition ‘08/06’.

Special guests include Angus Boulton, Lars Karl, Potsdam Centre of Research in Contemporary History and Wayne Cocroft, English Heritage, Cambridge. Chair: Prof Dr Andreas Gestrich.

To be held at:

The Wapping Project
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station
Wapping Wall
London E1W 3ST
Tel: 020 7680 2080

Images of History - Geschichtsbilder

Literary Constructions of Historical Worlds In Britain and Germany after 1900
Literarische Konstruktionen historischer Welten In Britannien und Deutschland nach 1900

Seminar Series 2007-2008

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