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Dr Felix Brahm

Felix Brahm joined the GHIL in August 2015. Before coming to London, Felix worked as assistant professor at the University of Bielefeld in a team engaged in global history. He received his PhD in history from Humboldt University of Berlin with a book on the history of African studies in the era of decolonisation.

Felix’ research and teaching interests lie in the field of modern African and European history, with a focus on trade relations, slavery and abolition, and colonialism. He is co-editor of the book “Slavery Hinterland: Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680-1850”, a volume which traces the various ways by which continental Europe was linked to the Atlantic slave business.

His current research project studies the European-East African firearms trade from the middle of the nineteenth century to the First World War. The project explores the networks of this commerce and the social implications of firearms proliferation and usage. It also looks into pre-colonial and colonial arms control and its consequences and sheds light on the origins of international arms trade regulation.

Email: f.brahm(ghi)

Current Responsibilities at the GHIL

  • Research Fellow in Colonial and Global History
  • Public Relations

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Global and International History
  • Colonialism and Decolonisation
  • History of Science and Technology
  • Slavery and Abolition
  • Modern Africa
  • Modern Europe

Current Research Project

Merchandise of Power: Arms Trade and Control between Europe and East Africa, 1850-1919.

Academic Background
1996-2003 Studied history, geography and history of science at the Universities of Hamburg and Madrid (UCM)
2003 MA in history, University of Hamburg
2004-2008 Research Assistant, Department of African History, University of Hamburg and Humboldt University of Berlin
2008-2009 Visiting Lecturer, University of Kassel and University of Leipzig
2009 PhD in history, Humboldt University of Berlin
2009-2015 Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat), Department of History, University of Bielefeld
2014 Visiting Fellow, Centre for the Study of International Slavery, Liverpool
2019 Visiting Lecturer, University of Southampton
Since 2015 Research Fellow, German Historical Institute, London
1998 Erasmus scholarship (Spain)
2006 DAAD-scholarship (France)
2009 Post-doc-fellowship, University of Rostock
2011 Research scholarship, German Historical Institute London
2013 Mobility Grant, Bielefeld Young Researchers' Fund (Tanzania)
2014 Travel Grant, Fritz Thyssen Stiftung (Tanzania and UK)
2018 Eva & Victor-Klemperer-Fellowship, TU Dresden

Selected Publications

  • Guns in Africa, in: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of African History, ed. T. Spear, Oxford University Press, April 2020. doi: (24 pages).

  • Colonial Expertism and its Post-Colonial Legacies, in: The Routledge Handbook of Transregional Studies, ed. M. Middell, London 2018, pp. 117-123.

  • East Africa and the Post-War Question of Global Arms Control, in: K. Bromber, K. Lange, H. Liebau, A. Wetzel (eds.), The Long End of the First World War: Ruptures, Continuities, Memories, Frankfurt/New York 2018, pp. 85-107.

  • Konflikte um ein globalisiertes Handelsobjekt: Feuerwaffen in Ostafrika, 1850-1890, in: Werkstatt Geschichte 77 (2018), pp. 29-46.

  • Imperialismus und Kolonialismus, in: Handbuch Wissenschaftsgeschichte, eds. M. Sommer, S. Müller-Wille, C. Reinhardt (Stuttgart: Metzler, 2017), pp. 287-294.

  • Slavery Hinterland: Transatlantic Slavery and Continental Europe, 1680-1850 (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2016) (with Eve Rosenhaft).

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