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Dr Bernhard Hollick

Bernhard Hollick studied Medieval Latin, Philosophy, and German Literature at Munich, Freiburg i.Br., Heidelberg, and Florence. He holds an M.A. in Medieval Latin and Philosophy from the University of Heidelberg and an PhD in Medieval Latin from the University of Erlangen (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari). He was a postdoctoral fellow at Branschweig, Toronto, and Cologne and a visiting scholar in Exeter.

He currently works on the project „The Mythographic Sermon in Late Medieval England: Classicism, Discourse, and Clerical Identity, 1330-1450“, which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Email: b.hollick(ghi)

Research Interests

  • The classical tradition in the Middle Ages (particularly the reception of Ovid)
  • Medieval mythography
  • Scholastic thought (Bradwardine, Wyclif)
  • History of the Liberal Arts (mainly grammar and logic)
  • Didactic Poetry
  • Anglo-Latin Literature

Scholarships/Research Grants

  • Mellon Research Fellowship
  • DAAD P.R.I.M.E. Research Grant
  • DFG Research Grant



  • Hermann der Lahme, Opusculum Herimanni (De octo vitiis principalibus). Eine Vers- und Lebensschule (Reichnenauer Texte und Bilder 14), Heidelberg 2008, 22016.
  • Anonymi Epternacensis Glossae in logicam. Studie mit kritischer Edition der Texte (Rarissima Mediaevalia 5), Münster 2015.

Recent articles

  • Wyclif vs. Ovid: Poetry, Philosophy, and Holy Scripture in the Late Middle Ages, in: Wiener Studien. Beihefte, in print.
  • »The Clerks and the Classics: Antiquity and Scholastic Discourse in England, 1330-1450«, in: James Clark (ed.), The Learned Clerk, in print.
  • »Logica ed ermeneutica: parafrasi sillogistica come strumento di interpretazione di testi filosofici nel XII secolo«, in: Luigi Catalani, Renato de Filippis (edd.), Anselmo d’Aosta e il pensiero monastico medievale (Nutrix 11), Turnhout 2018, pp. 393-421.
  • »Corpus - Spiritus - Deus: Anthropologie, Hamartiologie und Poetik im Opusculum Herimanni«, in: Felix Heinzer, Thomas Zotz (edd.), Hermannus Contractus. Reichenauer Mönch und Universalgelehrter des 11. Jahrhunderts (Veröffentlichungen der Kommision für geschichtliche Landeskunde in Baden-Württemberg B 208), Stuttgart 2016, pp. 189-214.
  • »The Poet as a Saint. The Caxton Master’s Portrait of Ovid and its Intellectual Background«, in: Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art 5 (2016), pp. 431-438.