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Dr Valeska Huber

Valeska Huber, who joined the GHIL in April 2011, studied history and political science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and at the University of Cambridge. After undertaking archival research in Britain, France and Egypt she spent a year as Visiting Fellow at Harvard University working on her doctoral dissertation on the history of mobility and acceleration in the Suez Canal Region (1869-1914). Her main fields of interests are colonial and global history with a focus on the Middle East, the history of mobility and migration, as well as spatial approaches in history, particularly urban and maritime history. She is currently engaged in a research project on globalization and the export of education in the twentieth century.

Email: huber(ghi)

Current Responsibilities at the GHIL

Research Interests

History of colonialism and decolonization, global history and history of globalization, the Middle East in the 19th and 20th centuries

Current Research

‘The Great Plan for Mass Education’: Twentieth-Century Colonial and Postcolonial Experiments in Education

Academic Background
2000-2003 London School of Economics and Political Science: BSc History and Government
2003-2004 University of Cambridge: MPhil Modern European History
2006-2007 Harvard University: Visiting Fellow
2009 University of Konstanz: Doctoral Degree Neuere und Neueste Geschichte
2007-2011 University of Konstanz: Lecturer (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) Lehrstuhl Neuere und Neueste Geschichte
Scholarships and Prizes
Scholarship of the Theodor Heuss Foundation (2000-2003)
Bassett Memorial Prize and James Joll Dissertation Prize (LSE, 2003)
Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (undergraduate scholarship 2001-2004, postgraduate scholarship 2005-2007)
Scholarships of the Arts and Humanities Research Board and the European Trust Cambridge, Benefactors’ Scholarship St. John’s College (2003-2004)
Research Scholarships of the German Historical Institute London and the German Historical Institute Paris (2005, 2006)
Second Prize of the Dissertation Forum at the 2006 meeting of the German Historians’ Association
Dissertation Prize “Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft an der Universität Konstanz” (2010)
Fellowship Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolleg Konstanz (4/2010-6/2010)

Recent Publications

International Bodies: The Pilgrimage to Mecca and International Health Regulations,in: Eric Tagliacozzo and Shawkat M. Toorawa (eds.), The Hajj: Pilgrimage in Islam, Cambridge/New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp. 175-195.

Les universités du Caire, de Beyrouth et de Jérusalem après la Première Guerre Mondiale: Politiques internationales et manifestations locales, in: Droux, Joelle / Hofstetter, Rita (eds.), Fabrique des savoirs et globalisation des mondes de l’éducation 19e–20e siècles. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes 2015, pp. 233–257.

International Agendas and Local Manifestations: Universities in Cairo, Beirut and Jerusalem after World War I, in: Prospects: Quarterly Journal of Comparative Education 45 (2015), pp. 77-93.

Education and Mobility: Universities in Cairo between Competition and Standardisation 1900-1950, in: Liat Kozma / Cyrus Schayegh / Avner Wishnitzer (eds.), A Global Middle East: Mobility, Materiality and Culture in the Modern Age, 1880-1940, London/New York: I. B. Tauris, 2015, pp. 81-108.

Eine Sprache für alle: Basic English und die Grenzen der Globalgeschichte, in: Boris Barth / Stefanie Gänger / Niels P. Petersson (eds.), Globalgeschichten. Bestandsaufnahme und Perspectiven, Frankfurt: Campus, 2014, pp. 175-204

Channelling Mobilities: Migration and Globalisation in the Suez Canal Region and Beyond, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. [Paperback 2015]
Read more about this title (this link will take you to the CUP website)

Connecting Colonial Seas: The ‚International Colonisation‘ of Port Said and the Suez Canal during and after the First World War, in: European Review of History – Revue européenne d’histoire, 19/1 (2012), pp. 141-161.

(with Michael C. Frank), Raumfiktionen: Kartographie und Literatur um 1900, in: Michael Neumann, Kerstin Stüssel (eds.), Magie der Geschichten: Weltverkehr, Literatur und Anthropologie in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts, Konstanz 2011, pp. 239-263.

‘Highway of the British Empire? The Suez Canal between Imperial Competition and Local Accommodation’, in: Jörn Leonhard, Ulrike von Hirschhausen (eds.), Comparing Empires. Encounters and Transfers in the Long Nineteenth Century, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2011, pp. 37-59.

‘Multiple Mobilities. Über den Umgang mit verschiedenen Mobilitätsformen um 1900’, in: Geschichte und Gesellschaft 36 (2010), pp. 317-341.

‘The Unification of the Globe by Disease? The International Sanitary Conferences on Cholera, 1851-1894’, in: Historical Journal 49/2 (2006), pp. 453-476.

Reviews and Conference Reports for H-Soz-und-Kult, geschichte transnational and neue politische literatur