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Team GHIL: Laufende Forschung - Running Research

The German Historical Institute took part in a charity race (5k and 10k) on Clapham Common on 3 March 2013. ‘Team GHIL: Laufende Forschung’ is fundraising for Chance UK, a charity that mentors young children with behavioural difficulties and helps them to get a good education.

The Race on Clapham Common, 3 March 2013

Finally, the big day arrived. One team member was incapacitated by illness, but the others were fit and running. Also, there was a strong group of enthusiastic supporters. All team members made the finishing line in style, some even with personal best times. In total, we ran 50km at an average speed of 10,65 km/h. We were buoyed by the fantastic success of our fundraising efforts, having raised more than £1,700. Thank you all for your generous support!

Runners and supporters before the race: René Kriegler, Kate Tranter, Jana Remy, Christoph Schönberger, Tanja Bührer, Silke Strickrodt and Indra Sengupta
Felix Römer cheered on by fans
Cornelia Linde
Peter Kramper
Felix Römer, Peter Kramper, Cornelia Linde, Tanja Bührer, Silke Strickrodt and Christoph Schönberger

Team Members


Tanja Bührer
Valeska Huber (could not participate)
Peter Kramper
Cornelia Linde
Felix Römer
Christoph Schönberger
Silke Strickrodt

Support Team

Jana Remy
Angela Schattner

Training session at the GHIL on 26 February 2013

Since our practice run we have been training hard individually. We were also keeping fit and in good spirits by lunch-break sessions at the institute. Clearly, libraries are there not just for reading...

Peter Kramper, Tanja Bührer (on the left), Christoph Schönberger, Cornelia Linde and Felix Römer (on the right), Silke Strickrodt (centre)

Practice run on Clapham Common, 17 February 2013

Some team members had a practice run on Clapham Common on 17 February 2013, familiarising themselves with the terrain. It was successful and enjoyable - we felt that if the sun keeps shining we will bring home gold medals...

Tanja Bührer, Peter Kramper, Felix Römer, Cornelia Linde and Silke Strickrodt
Peter Kramper, Tanja Bührer, Cornelia Linde, Silke Strickrodt and Felix Römer