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Max Weber Foundation Transnational Research Group - India

“Poverty Reduction and Policy for the Poor between the State and Private Actors: Education Policy in India since the Nineteenth Century”

Annual Report

Previous Annual Reports

Working Papers Series

Commissioned Papers – 2013/14

  1. A R Vasavi, ‘Government Brahmin’: Caste, the Educated Unemployed, and the Reproduction of Inequalities (download PDF file)
  2. Manabi Majumdar, The Shadow Education System and New Class Divisions in Education (download PDF file)
  3. Geetha Nambissan, Poverty, Markets and Elementary Education in India (download PDF file)
  4. Poonam Batra, Quality of Education and the Poor: Constraints on Learning (download PDF file)
  5. Farida Abdulla Khan, Mathematics and its discontents: How well does Mathematics pedagogy serve the children of the poor? (download PDF file)
  6. Nandini Manjrekar, The Neighbourhood and the School: Conflict, Educational Marginalisation and the State in Contemporary Gujarat (download PDF file)

Conference Reports

  • Report on the Inauguration of the Branch Office of the Max Weber Foundation, New Delhi, held at the India International Centre in New Delhi on 14 Feb. 2015. (download PDF file)
  • Making Winners? Transforming Individuals through Education in Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts. GHIL/TRG panel at the 50th German Historikertag (download PDF file)