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Max Weber Foundation Transnational Research Group - India

“Poverty Reduction and Policy for the Poor between the State and Private Actors: Education Policy in India since the Nineteenth Century”

Short-term grants for PhD archival research

The TRG has awarded five short-term PhD research grants to scholars from India in 2015 and 2016. The aim of these grants was to enable PhD scholars at Indian universities working specifically on the themes of education or poverty to undertake research in British libraries and archives for between one and four months.


Akash Bhattacharya, JNU: Classrooms and the Pedagogic Process: Poverty, Privilege and Education in Bengal (1870s to 1940s).

M P Dhaneesh, JNU: A New Cultural Artefact: The Book in Colonial Keralam (1829-1950).

Radhika Mishra, Delhi University: Schooling the Poor: Aspects of Educational Practice and Social Policy towards Working People in British India ca. 1880-1940.

Soni, JNU: Child ‘Rescue Missions’: The Case of Orphans in Colonial North India: 1860-1947.


Vikas Gupta, University of Delhi: Modernity and Education in Colonial India: A Study of Ideas, Interventions and Interlocutors.