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Dr Emily Steinhauer

Modern History

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Emily Steinhauer joined the GHIL in September 2020. She studied English Literature and History at the University of York (BA) and History of Political Thought and Intellectual History at UCL and Queen Mary University of London (MA). Her Ph.D. dissertation traced the physical and intellectual return of Frankfurt School luminaries Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer to West Germany from exile in the U.S. She is now engaging in a new project contextualizing gender and exile in 20th-century intellectual culture.

Research Project

Intellectual Lives and Gender in Exile

Dr. Margaret Kelly explaining "Chemical Carcinogenesis in Newborn Animals" to an interested group at the 3rd Meeting of the Science Demonstration Conference

What constitutes an intellectual? How do we define intellectual labour? Does the intellectual have a gender? And what do these apparent requirements do to the individuals who try to fit the bill? These are some of the major questions that guide my research project into the lives and minds of female intellectuals, ca.1930–1960.

Central to the project are female thinkers, primarily engaging with sociology, psychoanalysis, and psychology, who went into exile. Naturally, their work turned to the problems of modern society, and particularly the authoritarianism they had witnessed themselves, but gender and family-dynamics also occupied them. What then is their place in an intellectual history of the twentieth century, and how does this history intersect with women’s history and the waves of feminism?

Responsibilities at the GHIL

  • Research Assistant in Gender and Kinship (Modern History)

Research Interests

  • 20th-century intellectual history and the history of intellectuals
  • The evolution of female intellectuals and the role of gender in intellectual culture
  • Exile, remigration and the concept of ‘homelessness‘
  • Critical theory, the history of cultural criticism

Education and Academic Background

Sept 2020– Research Assistant in Gender and Kinship at the GHIL
2016–2020 Ph.D., Queen Mary University of London
2014–2015 MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History, UCL/QMUL
2011–2014 BA (Hons) in English Literature and History, University of York

Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

2016–2019 Queen Mary Principal’s Studentship



Articles and Chapters

‘Weimar to Cold War: New Books on Twentieth-Century German Intellectual History’, German Historical Institute London Bulletin, 41/1 (2019), 102–17

Reviews and Miscellaneous Publications

Review of: Hugo Drochon, ‘Nietzsche's Great Politics’, H-Diplo (2021). []