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3 October 2023 (3.30pm)

GHIL Colloquium

Damiana Salm (Freiburg)
Energiearmut und die Krise der Wohlfahrt in Großbritannien der 1970er und 1980er Jahre


5–7 October 2023


Medieval History Seminar

German Historical Institute London

5 October 2023 (6pm)

Public Lecture

Dorothea Weltecke (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)
On how and why religions became exclusive social formations – a historian‘s view


Extended to the end of September 2023


Behind the Wire

Internment during the First World War. The Global German Experience

During the First World War, German civilians were interned as ‘enemy aliens’ in British Empire locations around the world. The biggest internment camp was Knockaloe on the Isle of Man, holding 22,000 prisoners. This exhibition opens up new perspectives and formats for presenting the history of wartime internment. Alongside eighteen panels, a Virtual Reality Experience will give viewers an immersive experience of Fort Napier Camp in South Africa.

The exhibition Behind the Wire and the Virtual Reality Experience will be shown at the German Historical Institute London until the end of September 2023.

Academic lead contacts are Professor Stefan Manz (Aston University Birmingham; and Professor Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield Hallam University;



Call for Papers


Call for Papers

Medieval Germany Workshop 2024
12 April 2024

Organizers: German Historical Institute London, German Historical Institute Washington and German History Society

This one-day workshop on the history of medieval Germany (broadly defined) will provide an opportunity for researchers in the field from the UK, continental Europe, and the USA to meet in a relaxed and friendly setting and to learn more about each other’s work.


German Historical Institute London

Deadline for submissions: 20 December 2023

Call for Papers

Crossings: Non-Privileged Migration and Mobility Control in the Age of Global Empires (c. 1850-1914)
25-26 April 2024

Convenors: Felix Brahm (University of Münster), Christina von Hodenberg (GHIL), Eve Rosenhaft (University of Liverpool)

This conference brings together research on non-privileged migration from the 1850s to the First World War.


German Historical Institute London

Deadline for submissions: 15 November 2023


GHIL Bulletin

Volume 45 (2023), No. 1

May Issue

Featured Article

Constantin Goschler

The Genius of Parliament: Cultures of Compromise in Britain and Germany after 1945

German Historical Institute London Bulletin, vol. 45 (2023), no. 1, 3–38

Featured Article

Martin Christ

The London Bills of Mortality: State of the Art and Future Directions of Research

German Historical Institute London Bulletin, vol. 45 (2023), no. 1, 39–75





GHIL-MWF Tandem Fellowship on The British Empire and the History of Colonialism

GHI London-India Research Programme
Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies New Delhi

Tandem Fellowship: one scholar each from Germany and India

Primarily for early career scholars (postdocs/no later than 6 years from completion of PhD) working on the history of the British Empire and colonial India

Start date: 2024

Duration: 6 months

London/New Delhi

Closing date for applications: 29 September 2023


Gerald D. Feldman Travel Grants from the Max Weber Foundation

Once a year, the Max Weber Foundation (MWS) confers Gerald D. Feldman Travel Grants to young academics with an international focus. The travel grants are meant to improve the career opportunities for humanities and social science academics in their qualification phase. The scientists conduct a self-chosen research project in at least two and at most three host countries which are home to MWS institutes and branches or at the Richard Koebner Minerva Center for German History.

Closing date for applications: 6 October 2023

Student workshops

Postgraduate Research Students Conference 2024

The GHIL’s 28th Postgraduate Research Students’ Conference will take place on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 January 2024. The conference is intended for postgraduate research scholars working on German history from the Middle Ages to the present at a UK or Irish university, and aims to give them the opportunity to present their work-in-progress and to discuss their research with other students working in the same field.


Closing date for applications: 15 November 2023

New Publications

Martina Steber

The Guardians of Concepts

Political Languages of Conservatism in Britain and West Germany, 1945-1980

Studies in British and Imperial History. Vol. 9

New York, N.Y. ; Oxford : Berghahn Books, 2023

Monica Juneja

Modernism's Relational Geographies:

Global (Art) History With and Beyond the Nation

The Annual Lecture / German Historical Institute London. 2021

London: German Historical Institute London, 2022

Matthias Bähr

Konfessionelle Mehrdimensionalität in der Frühen Neuzeit

Irland um 1600

Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts London. Bd 88

Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2023

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Featured Research

Collaborative Research Project

(De)Constructing Europe – EU-Scepticism in European Integration History

Dr William King and David Lawton at the GHIL

This project explores the important and understudied history of Euroscepticism, and alternative attitudes towards European integration, in Britain. It seeks to build on existing conceptions of Britain and ‘Europe’ and examine the impact and role of different visions and critical views in British society and politics. Focusing on Britain during the 1970s-90s, the project forms one key pillar in a wider collaborative project with colleagues at the German Historical Institutes in Rome and Warsaw, and the Hamburg Institute for Social Research.
William's research focuses on Barbara Castle, the European Parliament and the British Labour Party. It will concentrate on key individuals who actively shaped and influenced the European integration project; many of them held alternative, and at times competing, visions and ideas as to what British membership entailed.
David's project focuses on the emergence of a network of Eurosceptic individuals working in broadcasting, journalism, literature, and in the legal profession from the 1970s to the 2000s. He aims to shed further light on the growth of 'Euroscepticism' outside of Westminster politics and explore the ways in which individuals came together to protest and prophesise about future of European integration.

Read more about Euroscepticism project at the GHIL

Read more about the (De)Constructing Europe project as whole

Read a report from a recent (De)Constructing Europe Conference (London, 7–8 July 2022)

Read a report from a recent (De)Constructing Europe panel discussion (London, 7 July 2022)

Read a report from and/or watch the recent Europa im Widerstand – Widerstand gegen Europa panel discussion (Berlin, 26 September 2022)

Image: Banksy Brexit Mural in Dover, ©Jay Galvin, 2017
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Image license: CC BY 4.0


GHIL Podcast



Patrick Anthony, Mirjam Brusius and Kim König

Climate Crises and Politics in the Eighteenth Century , 0:14 h


Patrick Anthony, Mirjam Brusius and Kim König

Climate Crises and Politics in the Eighteenth Century

GHIL Lecture

Patrick Anthony

Terrestrial Enlightenment:
Ruin and Revolution in an Eighteenth-Century Climate Crisis , 0:38 h

GHIL Lecture

Patrick Anthony

Terrestrial Enlightenment:
Ruin and Revolution in an Eighteenth-Century Climate Crisis

GHIL Lecture

Stefan Hanß

The Scientific Analysis of Renaissance Recipes:
Medicine and the Body in the German Material Renaissance , 0:45 h

GHIL Lecture

Stefan Hanß

The Scientific Analysis of Renaissance Recipes:
Medicine and the Body in the German Material Renaissance

Latest Blogposts

28 September 2023


Kim Embrey

Sing a Line with Coca Wine: The European Rediscovery of Coca

Understanding the mechanisms of the introduction of coca into British society, the trajectory of its career, and ultimately the development of global  restrictions on the drug, can support historians in drawing comparisons with other narcotics that might have experienced a similar fate.

Category: Research, Scholarships

12 September 2023


Philipp Molderings

The Postcolonial Nation in the Museum: World Appropriation and National Identity at the Humboldt Forum and British Museum

The combination and juxtaposition of the historical and contemporary time levels is intended to give a deeper historical dimension to the problems that have penetrated the public sphere in the course of the colonialism debates since 2015, and in this way enable a more differentiated understanding of how the two museums are currently renegotiating collective identity and memory culture between national and global perspectives. …

Category: Research, Scholarships