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The German Historical Institute London is dedicated to the promotion of historical research in the United Kingdom and Germany. It focuses on the comparative history of Britain and Germany, the history of the British Empire/Commonwealth, and the history of Anglo-German relations and transfers. Our regular staff comprises ten historians, each specializing in a particular period of German as well as British history. One of our aims is to share our expertise and advise British and German historians in their research both at home and abroad. Together we pursue a wide range of research topics from the Middle Ages to the present day. There are, however, some fields of research on which the Institute places particular emphasis, which are also areas of particular expertise of the present staff:

In addition to conducting research the GHIL also

  • maintains a research library with a specific emphasis on modern German history. The library is open to anyone with an interest in German history, Anglo-German relations or comparative historiography.
  • organizes conferences, workshops and public lecture series at the GHIL or in co-operation with academic institutions in Britain or Germany
  • awards grants and scholarships to support the research of PhD and postdoctoral students in British and German archives
  • awards an annual prize for a PhD thesis on British or German history 
  • publishes two book series, one for German monographs with the Oldenbourg Verlag (Munich) and one for conferences volumes in English with Oxford University Press
  • edits a journal, the biannual GHIL Bulletin