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The Contemporary History of Historiography

International Perspectives on the Making of Professional History


16–18 June 2016

Venue: German Historical Institute London
Conference co-organised by the Leibniz Research Group on Historiography, University of Trier and the German Historical Institute, London


The worldwide expansion of higher and secondary education, the rise of new media and communication systems and the creation of new nation-states have deeply changed the institutional settings of historical scholarship. At the same time the different „turns“ have transformed the epistemic foundations of an international discipline that is still strongly anchored in different national, ‚cultural‘ and ideological/religious contexts. The rise of various ethnocentric, ‘culture’-centric, inward-looking or allegedly ‘indigenous’ ideologies concurrent with the apparent triumph of ‘globalization’ and the need for global histories need to be fully grasped. The international history of historiography has been a very dynamic field of research in the recent decade but contemporary developments have yet to be studied. In particular, political conflicts that operate at intra-state, state and inter-state levels draw upon and are reflected in historiographical practices; and researchers, despite claims to self-reflexivity, have not sufficiently accounted for this.

This conference hopes to draw attention to a number of trends in contemporary historical scholarship. The call for papers thus draws attention to the following trends, but papers need not be restricted to them.


Call for papers (PDF file)

Conference programme (PDF file)

Conference report (PDF file), published in: GHIL Bulletin 38 (2016), Vol 2