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Feminism in the Media / Feminism and the Media in the 20th Century

First Meeting of the International Standing Working Group on Medialization and Empowerment


21–23 November, 2019

Conveners: Christina von Hodenberg (GHI London) and Jane Freeland (GHI London)
Venue: German Historical Institute London


‘Feminism in the Media/Feminism and the Media in the 20th Century’ is the first meeting of the International Standing Working Group on Medialization and Empowerment, which is a part of the broader research project ‘Knowledge without Borders: Internationalisation, Networking, Innovation in and by the Max Weber Stiftung’.

This workshop examines how the media has shaped ideas and practices of feminism and women’s empowerment, with particular emphasis on the experiences of Germany, Britain, India and the wider British Empire in the 20th Century. It explores the media circulation of ideas, concepts, images and films, and how they were received and actively appropriated by women. It also considers the challenges of this relationship; while the media opened new opportunities for women’s empowerment, the media has also perpetuated patriarchal gender norms and contributed to the objectification and exclusion of women. To this end, the workshop will reflect on the concept of ‘medialization’, a term that refers to the way spaces of communication have become increasingly dense and interlinked, but also to the increasing pressure for other social sectors to conform to the conditions imposed by the media. Using this framework, the workshop will focus on the function of modern media in spreading knowledge that guides action, but also on the limits to the circulation of knowledge and their consequences.

All students and academic researchers interested in the history of feminism and medialization are welcome to attend. However, due to limited space booking is essential. Please RSVP to Anita Bellamy by 18 November:


Call for papers (PDF file)

Conference programme (PDF file)