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History as a Political Category


7–8 December 2023

Conveners: Indra Sengupta (GHIL), Shail Mayaram, and Ravikant (CSDS, New Delhi)
Workshop to be held at ICAS:MP, New Delhi

Over the so called ‘long twentieth century’, politics and power have fundamentally mediated history writing, and the politics of historical interpretation has been entangled in larger political conflicts. This final workshop of Thematic Module 1 of ICAS:MP—‘History as a Political Category’—will bring together all project partners from India, Germany, and elsewhere to reflect, debate, and discuss from their own research the module’s intellectual agenda: to understand the mutually constitutive and ever changing relationship between historiographical practices and the political, and how the rethinking and rewriting of histories has contributed to the reconstitution of the political in the course of the long twentieth century. The following themes will be explored: history and the politics of identity and recognition; the ‘popular’ as a political category and the writing of history; transformations of democracy and the writing of history; metamorphoses of the political and the politics of archives and memorialization; and the politics of the production, circulation, and reception of history.

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