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Trans-regnal Kingship in the Thirteenth Century


23–25 March 2023

University of East Anglia, Universität Heidelberg, German Historical Institute, British Academy Global Professorship
Organizers: Jörg, Peltzer (UH/UEA), Nicholas Vincent (UEA) and Adrian Jobson (UEA)
Venue: German Historical Institute London

In thirteenth-century Europe, there were several trans-regnal kingdoms. A single monarch ruled over each of these realms, which comprised a complex mix of differing cultures, peoples, customs and languages. Some encompassed vast territories, like the Empire and the Plantagenet dominions, while others such as the Crusading principalities in the eastern Mediterranean were far smaller in scale. A few were long-established, but the majority were of more recent creation. As these kingdoms were not static entities, their borders expanded and contracted throughout the century in response to political and military pressures.

This international conference will explore the nature of trans-regnal kingship in thirteenth-century Europe. A broad range of speakers will engage with several common themes including:

  • what was trans-regnal kingship?
  • contemporary perceptions of trans-regnal kingship
  • the processes through which these kingdoms were established
  • the structures of trans-regnal kingship
  • in the ruler’s absence how were these kingdoms governed?
  • the difficulties arising from ruling multiple kingdoms
  • how important was the character of the rulers themselves?
  • how art and architecture were influenced in these kingdoms

This hybrid conference will be held 23–25 March 2023 at the German Historical Institute London and online via Zoom. If you are interested in joining the proceedings online, you will need to register in advance by emailing A link with the joining details will be sent out shortly before the event.

Please note that the visit to Westminster Abbey is open to the conference speakers and session chairs only.

Conference programme (PDF file)