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The research seminar offers an opportunity for the GHIL’s scholarship-holders to present and discuss their research projects. It can also serve as a general forum for British and German PhD-students and post-docs to discuss their work in progress. Generally the discussions are held in German and the meetings usually take place on Tuesdays in the Common Room. If you wish to participate, please contact Felix Brahm (tel. 020 7309 2017, email brahm(ghi)


22 January

Nicole Wiederroth (Hamburg/London)
Heroism, Expertise and Ambitions of Control in Western Tanganyika

29 January

Bastian Linneweh (Göttingen)
Die Anatomie eines globalen Marktes im Wandel. Kautschuk 1900-1960

5 February

Soheb Ur Rahman Niazi (Berlin)
Social Stratification at a Muslim Qasbah: Genealogy and Narrating the Past at Amroha (1878-1940)

Debojit Kumar Thakur (Trier)
A History of Economic Thought of Hindu Nationalism: 1923-1993

19 February

Hendrik Baumbach (Marburg)
Die Legitimation von Herrscherhandeln in der politischen Sprache im frühen 12. Jahrhundert am Beispiel der Bischöfe von Augsburg und Salisbury

26 February

Thomas Dorfner (Aachen)
Kommerz für den Heiland. Der Handel der Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine in der Atlantischen Welt (1758-1818)

5 March

Daniela Egger (Munich)
Long-Distance Ship Passages, Emotions, and Mental Health

12 March

Marina Schütz (Munich)
Kooperative Konkurrenz in Big Biology: Die Anfänge des Human Genome Project im Labor

16 April

Stefanie Freyer (Osnabrück)
Hidden leadership? James I’s Diplomats at the Imperial Diet

14 May

Claudia Berger (Essen)
Die ‚Zwischenzeit‘ der Kapkolonie 1902-1910: Politische Imaginationen, Taktiken und Strategien im Transformationszeitraum

21 May

Liza Weber (Brighton)
Documenta and its Double: Germany's Myth of Modernism in Memory and Provenance, From "Degenerate" to documenta (1937-1955)

18 June

Riley Linebaugh (Gießen)
Stolen Archives: The Struggle Between Kenya and Great Britain over the Records of Empire