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The German Historical Institute London (GHIL) is an academically independent institution and part of the Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad. It promotes research on medieval and modern history, in particular on the history of Britain, on the British Empire and the Commonwealth, and on Anglo-German relations. Its public library specializes in German history.

17 March

Peter Burschel (Wolfenbüttel)
The Dance of the Tapuya: On the Cultural Coding of Skin Colour in the Early Modern Period

28 April

Samita Sen (Cambridge)
Making Coolies: Labour Brokerage and the Tea Industry in India, 1830–1930

4 March

Adi Heyman (Fashion blogger)
The Big Cover-Up: Modest Fashion
18 February
Panel on The Languages of Global History
Venue: Lecture Room II, India International Centre Annexe, New Delhi
Archiving, Recording and Representing Feminism: The Global History of Women's Emancipation in the 20th Century
New Delhi, 10-11 December 2020
Closing date: 14 April 2020

Matthias Oppermann: Triumph der Mitte. Die Mäßigung der "Old Whigs" und der Aufstieg des britischen Liberalkonservatismus, 1750-1850
Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts London, Vol. 83

Free online access is now available for:
Becker, Tobias: Inszenierte Moderne. Populäres Theater in Berlin und London, 1880-1930, Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts London, 74, Munich: Oldenbourg, 2014.

1 Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter für britische Geschichte des 19. und/oder 20. Jahrhunderts (w/m/d) (2. Qualifizierungsphase)
Closing date for applications: 23 March 2020
A part-time In-House Editorial Assistant / Academic Translator, German to English (24 hours per week) – permanent
Closing date for applications: 20 February 2020