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The German Historical Institute London (GHIL) is an academically independent institution and part of the Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad. It promotes research on medieval and modern history, in particular on the history of Britain, on the British Empire and the Commonwealth, and on Anglo-German relations. Its public library specializes in German history.


Professor Christina von Hodenberg took over as Director of the GHIL on 1 September 2018. She specialises in the social and cultural history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe. From 2006 to 2018, she taught as Professor of European History at Queen Mary University London.

11 October

Neil Gregor (Southampton)
German Orchestras, the Volksgemeinschaft, and the Persecution of the Jews, 1933–1945

18 October

Benjamin Ziemann (Sheffield)
History in the Active Voice: Rethinking the German Revolution 1918/1919

12-14 November

Interrogating Marginality: Education and the Urban
“From the Ruins of Preservation”. A symposium on rethinking heritage through counter-archives
German Historical Institute London, 11-12 July 2019
Closing date: 1 November 2018
Workshop on Medieval Germany
German Historical Institute London, 17 May 2019
Closing date: 14 January 2019

GHIL at the Historikertag in Münster

26-28 September
Felix Brahm, Invektivität im kolonialen Afrika (Panel: Divided by Denigration? Invectives and the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion from Antiquity to the Present; 27 September 2018, 9am-11am)
Felix Römer, The Politics of Measurement: Inequality Knowledge in Great Britain and the Western World (Panel: The Global Knowledge of Divided Societies. The Measurement of Economic Inequality in Europe and the World since 1945; 28 September, 9am-12am)
Christina von Hodenberg, Der Don Karlos-Komplex der 68er. Familiäre Generationen und die Revolte (Panel: A Society at Breaking Point: Alternative Perspectives on the West German ‘1968’; 28 September, 11am–1pm)
More information can be found on the Historikertag website (external link).
The German Historical Institute London (GHIL), the International History Department of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and the Gerda Henkel Foundation in Düsseldorf have appointed historian Johanna Gehmacher to the position of Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor 2018/19. Her Inaugural Lecture, to be given on 27 November 2018 at the LSE, is entitled “Translating Feminism in National and Transnational Spaces. A Biographical Perspective on Women's Movements around 1900”.

Studies of the German Historical Institute London
Richard Bessel and Dorothee Wierling (ed.): Inside World War One? The First World War and its Witnesses
Studies of the German Historical Institute London
Cornelia Linde (ed.): Making and Breaking the Rules. Discussion, Implementation, and Consequences of Dominican Legislation
Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts London, Vol. 80
Victor Mauer: Brückenbauer. Großbritannien, die deutsche Frage und die Blockade Berlins 1948-1949

Gerda Henkel-Visiting Professorship
Closing date for applications: 15 October 2018.