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German Historical Institute London Bulletin

Vol 35 (2013), No. 2

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Special Theme: Solidarity and Care

Solidarity and Care: A Research Area of the GHIL (Andreas Gestrich) 4
Pauper Letters and Petitions for Poor Relief in Germany and Great Britain, 1770–1914 (Andreas Gestrich and Steven A. King) 12
Petitions to the Council of the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt am Main, 1765–1809 (Daniela Heinisch) 26
Solidarity with Children? Towards a History of Adoption (Benedikt Stuchtey) 43
Poverty Research from Below: Letters and Petitions by the Poor (Anke Sczesny) 57


The First World War as a ‘Rupture’ in the European History of the Twentieth Century: A Contribution to the Hermeneutics of Not-Understanding (Lucian Hölscher) 73

Book Reviews

Ludger Körntgen and Dominik Waßenhoven (eds.), Religion and Politics in the Middle Ages: Germany and England by Comparison (Levi Roach) 88
Johannes Fried, Canossa: Entlarvung einer Legende. Eine Streitschrift (Kathleen G. Cushing) 94
Michael van Dussen, From England to Bohemia: Heresy and Communication in the Later Middle Ages (Peter Hilsch) 99
Martha White Paas, The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 1619–23: An Economic History with Contemporary German Broadsheets (Ulrich Rosseaux) 104
Eva Giloi, Monarchy, Myth, and Material Culture in Germany 1750–1950 (Thomas Biskup) 107
Roland Wenzlhuemer, Connecting the Nineteenth-Century World: The Telegraph and Globalization (David Paull Nickles) 114
Tatjana Tönsmeyer, Adelige Moderne: Großgrundbesitz und ländliche Gesellschaft in England und Böhmen 1848–1918 (William D. Godsey) 120
Matthew S. Seligmann, The Royal Navy and the German Threat 1901–1914: Admiralty Plans to Protect British Trade in a War Against Germany (Andreas Rose) 125
Thomas Rohkrämer, Die fatale Attraktion des Nationalsozialismus: Über die Popularität eines Unrechtsregimes (Matthew Stibbe) 132
Vera K. Fast, Children’s Exodus: A History of the Kindertransport (Benigna Schönhagen) 138
Tobias Seidl, Führerpersönlichkeiten: Deutungen und Interpretationen deutscher Wehrmachtgeneräle in britischer Kriegsgefangenschaft (MacGregor Knox) 143
Clayton J. Whisnant, Male Homosexuality in West Germany: Between Persecution and Freedom, 1945–69 (Benno Gammerl) 149

Conference Reports

Missionaries at War: The Impact of Global Conflict on Christian Missions in the Twentieth Century (John Stuart) 155
Mixed Courts: Dynasty, Politics, and Religion in the Early Modern World (André Bochynski and Tobias Zober) 161
The European Welfare State in a Global Context (Valeska Huber and Nicole Kramer) 167
Social Planning in Late Colonial and Postcolonial Societies (1920s–1960s) (Valeska Huber) 173
Forward from the Past: The Kindertransport from a Contemporary Perspective (Aaron Jochim) 177
The Territorial State after 1989: Decline, Transformation, or Persistence? (Thorsten Holzhauser and Andreas Lutsch) 182



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