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German Historical Institute London Bulletin

Vol 38 (2016), No. 2

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Forty Years of the GHIL

The German Historical Institute London at Forty (Andreas Gestrich) 3
Interview with Lothar Kettenacker and Peter Alter 7
The German Historical Institute London and British Research on German History (Richard Bessel) 15
The German Historical Institute London and German Research on British History (Andreas Fahrmeir) 19


Life Cycle and Industrial Work: West German and British Patterns in Times of Globalization (Lutz Raphael) 23
A Myth of Unity? German Unification as a Challenge in Contemporary History (Martin Sabrow) 46

Review Article

National Socialism, Islam, and the Middle East: Questioning Intellectual Continuities, Conceptual Stakes, and Methodology (Nils Riecken) 63

Book Reviews

Fiona J. Griffiths and Julie Hotchin (eds.), Partners in Spirit: Women, Men, and Religious Life in Germany, 1100–1500 (Hedwig Röckelein) 77
Kathryne Beebe, Pilgrim and Preacher: The Audiences and Observant Spirituality of Friar Felix Fabri (Sabine von Heusinger) 82
Christina Brauner, Kompanien, Könige und caboceers: Interkulturelle Diplomatie an Gold- und Sklavenküste im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert (Helen Paul) 86
Anne Mariss, ‘A World of New Things’: Praktiken der Naturgeschichte bei Johann Reinhold Forster (Stefan Hanß) 91
Wolfram Siemann, Metternich: Stratege und Visionär. Eine Biografie (Tim Blanning) 96
Tait Keller, Apostles of the Alps: Mountaineering and Nation Building in Germany and Austria, 1860–1939 (Laurence Cole) 101
Dominik Geppert and Frank Lorenz Müller (eds.)‚ Sites of Imperial Memory: Commemorating Colonial Rule in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Jan C. Jansen) 105
Martin Böhm, Die Royal Air Force und der Luftkrieg 1922–1945: Personelle, kognitive und konzeptionelle Kontinuitäten und Entwicklungen (Alaric Searle) 110
Lauren Faulkner Rossi, Wehrmacht Priests: Catholicism and the Nazi War of Annihilation (Dagmar Pöpping) 115
Andreas W. Daum, Hartmut Lehmann, and James J. Sheehan (eds.), The Second Generation: Émigrés from Nazi Germany as Historians. With a Biobibliographic Guide (Birte Meinschien) 123

Conference Reports

Thirteenth Workshop on Early Modern German History (Hannah Briscoe and Rebecca Lott) 130
Cultures of Intelligence (Bernhard Sassmann and Tobias Schmitt) 135
The Contemporary History of Historiography: International Perspectives on the Making of Professional History (Amar Baadj) 141



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