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German Historical Institute London Bulletin

Vol 41 (2019), No. 1

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German-German Entangled History

How to Write the History of a Divided Nation: Germany, 1945–1990 (Stefan Creuzberger, Dominik Geppert, and Dierk Hoffmann) 3
Medialization in Opposing Systems: Approaching a Media History of Divided Germany (Christoph Classen) 19
Learning from the Dictatorship? Sport in Divided and Unified Germany (Jutta Braun) 50
Between the Blocs: The Two German States in International Politics, 1955–1990 (Franz-Josef Meiers) 73

Review Article

Weimar to Cold War: New Books on Twentieth-Century German Intellectual History (Emily A. Steinhauer) 102

Book Reviews

Jesse Spohnholz, The Convent of Wesel: The Event that Never Was and the Invention of Tradition (Wolf-Friedrich Schäufele) 118
Douglas Moggach and Gareth Stedman Jones (eds.), The 1848 Revolutions and European Political Thought (Christos Aliprantis) 122
Volkhard Wehner, The German-Speaking Community of Victoria between 1850 and 1830: Origins, Progress and Decline (Panikos Panayi) 129
James Retallack, Red Saxony: Election Battles and the Spectre of Democracy in Germany, 1860–1918 (Stefan Berger) 134
Birthe Kundrus, ‘Dieser Krieg ist der große Rassenkrieg’: Krieg und Holocaust in Europa (Neil Gregor) 139
Astrid Zajdband, German Rabbis in British Exile: From ‘Heimat’ into the Unknown (Martina Niedhammer) 145

Conference Reports

Movable Goods and Immovable Property: Gender, Law, and Material Culture in Early Modern Europe (1450–1850) (James Krull and Karoline Müller) 149
Living the German Revolution: Expectations, Experiences, Responses (Marius S. Ostrowski) 155