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British Envoys to Germany

Digital Index


The Digital Index is a combined subject and biographical index of the two series British Envoys to Germany and British Envoys to the Kaiserreich. It allows users to search for dispatches from one and all of the eight British missions to Germany by name, subject, or places mentioned in or related to the dispatches, and for a specific year as well as a certain period covered by the edition. All results can be sorted chronologically, by mission, or by sender. On request, short summaries provide concise information on the content of the dispatches.

For specific dispatches, specific days or months, archive class marks, or searches for any combination of mission, name, subject, and year, please use Advanced Search.

The record for each diplomatic dispatch provides information on the archive class mark, author, addressee, number of dispatch, and place and date of origin, as well as a brief summary of the dispatch, the volume, and the page number in the printed edition, along with all related entries in the index of names and that of subjects and places.

Additionally, all entries in the indexes of names and of subjects and places are accessible alphabetically or by individual search. Index entries provide the exact page number in the respective printed volume. All related dispatches are shown on request. The records in the name index provide short biographical sketches of the persons in question.

NEW: All 675 dispatches from British Envoys to the Kaiserreich (1871 to 1897) are now linked to Cambridge Core and can be read in open acces. 


The Digital Index is based on the software DENQ 1 developed by Jörg Hörnschemeyer for the German Historical Institutes in Rome and London. It was created by Jörg Hörnschemeyer, Markus Mösslang, and Christoph Schönberger in co-operation with the Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Editionen.