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Studies in British and Imperial History

Editor: Andreas Gestrich, German Historical Institute London

Britain has contributed decisively to the shaping of the modern world. This series aims at critically exploring that contribution, analyzing the political, social, and cultural history of Britain, the British Empire, and the Commonwealth and its member states.It promotes comparative and transnational approaches to history and welcomes studies which explore British history from various disciplinary perspectives, in its wider international and global contexts, and across epochs.

Jörg Neuheiser: Crown, Church and Constitution. Popular Conservatism in England, 1815-1867
Andreas Rose: Between Empire and Continent. British Foreign Policy before the First World War
Tobias Wolffhardt: Unearthing the Past to Forge the Future. Colin Mackenzie, the Early Colonial State, and the Comprehensive Survey of India
Benno Gammerl: Subjects, Citizens, and Others. Administering Ethnic Heterogeneity in the British and Habsburg Empires, 1867-1918