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To access internal ressources at the GHIL you can use a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Once the VPN tunnel is established you can open a Remote Desktop and work as if you were in the Institute. Please complete both steps as detailed below.


In case you have been given an initial password (for example as a new employee), you have to change it first, as AnyConnect does not work with temporary passwords. Please follow the instructions under "Webmail" first and change your password with the help of Outlook Web Access



1) Installing the VPN client

[only needs to be done once]

VPN Client Installation for Windows   (PDF file)
VPN Client installation for Mac OS X   (PDF file)


2) VPN connection and Remote Desktop Session

VPN Connection   (Instructions as PDF file)


If you use a Mac computer

To log into a Windows server from a Mac computer you will need a remote desktop client. This client is automatically included in Office for Mac in Office 11 and more recent versions, or it can be downloaded from the Apple website. For more details and links see:

Get started with Remote Desktop on Mac


To access your GHIL email account with a browser you can use Outlook on the web (formerly Outlook Web App):

Please enter your username preceded by 'ghi\', e.g.


and use your GHIL password.