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German Historical Institute London Bulletin

Vol 34 (2012), No. 1

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Special Theme

Objects and Emotions: Loss and Acquisition of Jewish Property (Andreas Gestrich and Daniel Wildmann)4


Emblems and Heirlooms. Restitution, Reparation, and the Subjective Value of Chattels: A Legal Perspective (Norman Palmer)8
Diasporic Home or Homelessness: The Museum and the Circle of Lost and Found (Hanno Loewy)41
Family Files: Emotions and Stories of (Non-)Restitution (Atina Grossmann)59

Review Article

Objects and Emotions Exhibited: Two Catalogues on Raub und Restitution (Chloe Paver)79

Book Reviews

Frank Rexroth (ed.), Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte der Gelehrten im späten Mittelalter (Hannah Skoda)88
Thomas Brockmann, Dynastie, Kaiseramt und Konfession: Politik und Ordnungsvorstellungen Ferdinands II. im Dreißigjährigen Krieg (Peter H. Wilson)94
Andrew C. Thompson, George II: King and Elector (Ulrich Niggemann)98
Benno Gammerl, Untertanen, Staatsbürger und Andere: Der Umgang mit ethnischer Heterogenität im Britischen Weltreich und im Habsburgerreich 1867-1918 (R. J. W. Evans)102
Norbert Friedrich, Uwe Kaminsky, and Roland Löffler (eds.), The Social Dimension of Christian Missions in the Middle East: Historical Studies of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Catriona Laing)106
Anne Sudrow, Der Schuh im Nationalsozialismus: Eine Produktgeschichte im deutsch-britisch-amerikanischen Vergleich (Neil Gregor)113
Dietmar Süß, Tod aus der Luft: Kriegsgesellschaft und Luftkrieg in Deutschland und England (Stefan Goebel)118
Olaf Blaschke, Verleger machen Geschichte: Buchhandel und Historiker seit 1945 im deutsch-britischen Vergleich (Stephan Petzold)123
Christian L. Glossner, The Making of the German Post-War Economy: Political Communication and Public Reception of the Social Market Economy after World War Two (Jan-Otmar Hesse)126
Paul Betts, Within Walls: Private Life in the German Democratic Republic (Dorothee Wierling)129
Janet Ward, Post-Wall Berlin: Borders, Space and Identity (Hanno Hochmuth)132

Conference Reports

Crime and Punishment: Criminal Justice in Modern Europe, 1870-1990 (Richard F. Wetzell)136
The Dilemmas of International Humanitarian Aid in the Twentieth Century (Johannes Paulmann)143
The Cold War: History, Memory, and Representation (Jula Danylow, Jasmin Heermann, Claudia Schumacher, Andreas Etges)160
Staging Empire: New Perspectives on the 1911 Coronation Durbar and Imperial Assemblage (Justin Siefert)165
The Fischer Controversy Fifty Years On (Annika Mombauer)169
Medieval History Seminar (Jan-Hendryk de Boer)176
Listening Spaces: Art Music and its Audiences in the Concert Hall and Beyond, c.1850-1945 (Neil Gregor)180
Sport in Early Modern Culture (Amelie Rösinger and Angela Schattner)185
Screen Culture and the Social Question: Poverty on Screen 1880-1914 (Lydia Jakobs)191
Ninth Workshop on Early Modern Central European History (Linnéa Rowlatt)197



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