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German Historical Institute London Bulletin

Vol 40 (2018), No. 1

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Narrating the Nineteenth Century: New Approaches

Preface (Andreas Gestrich) 4
Writing the History of Nineteenth-Century Europe (Richard J. Evans) 7
Rewriting the British Nineteenth Century (David Cannadine) 19


Princesses, Semen, and Separation: Masculinity and Body Politics in Nineteenth-Century German Historiography (Falko Schnicke) 26
National Security and Humanity: The Internment of Civilian ‘Enemy Aliens’ during the First World War (Arnd Bauerkämper) 61

Classics Reread

A Heroic Work of Extraordinary Scholarship: On the New Translated Edition of H. G. Adler’s Theresienstadt of 1960 (Ben Barkow) 86

Review Article

Forgotten, not Forgiven? New German-Language Works on the 1918/19 German Revolution (Alex Burkhardt) 99

Book Reviews

Peter H. Wilson, The Holy Roman Empire: A Thousand Years of Europe’s History (Harriet Rudolph) 109
Jörg Peltzer, 1066: Der Kampf um England’s Krone; Dominik Waßenhoven, 1066: Englands Eroberung durch die Normannen (Johanna Dale) 116
Joseph Isaac Lifshitz, Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg and the Foundation of Jewish Political Thought (Görge K. Hasselhoff) 122
Matthias Pohlig, Marlboroughs Geheimnis: Strukturen und Funktionen der Informationsgewinnung im Spanischen Erbfolgekrieg (John B. Hattendorf) 125
Mark Hewitson, Absolute War: Violence and Mass Warfare in the German Lands, 1792–1820 ;
Mark Hewitson, The People’s War: Histories of Violence in the German Lands, 1820–1888 (Gundula Gahlen)
Brodie A. Ashton, The Kingdom of Württemberg and the Making of Germany, 1815–1871 (Georg Eckert) 135
Stig Förster (ed.), Vor dem Sprung ins Dunkle: Die militärische Debatte über den Krieg der Zukunft 1880–1914 (Alaric Searle) 142
Maren Jung-Diestelmeier, ‘Das verkehrte England’: Visuelle Stereotype auf Postkarten und deutsche Selbstbilder 1899–1918 (Richard Scully) 148
Pierpaolo Barbieri, Hitler’s Shadow Empire: Nazi Economics and the Spanish Civil War (Jürgen Finger) 152
Tim Cole, Holocaust Landscapes (Christoph Nübel) 158
Bronson Long, No Easy Occupation: French Control of the German Saar, 1944–1957 (Rainer Hudemann) 161
Susan L. Carruthers, The Good Occupation: American Soldiers and the Hazards of Peace (Camilo Erlichman) 169

Conference Reports

Cultures of Conservatism in the United States and Western Europe between the 1970s and 1990s (Tobias Becker, Anna von der Goltz, and Martina Steber) 175
Medieval History Seminar (Philipp Meller) 182
Shaping the Officer: Communities and Practices of Accountability in Premodern Europe (Justine Moreno) 187



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